Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The privilege of parenting

I am realizing every day what an absolute gift from God it is to be a parent. The Bible clearly states children to be a blessing and a heritage. How truly awesome it is to believe fully that God knows exactly who each one will be, how many there will be, when they will come and what will become of their lives. I know for a fact that my girls were created especially for our family. It is so amazing to watch them grow and develop into such unique and individual characters. While there are many trying days, many tears and many moments of wanting to rip out my hair, there is so much more joy, overwheling love and LAUGHTER! So much laughter! God is so good!

There also is the amazing responsibility of raising children in the fear of the Lord. Sometime it gives me chills to think about the weight of the job of raising them to bring honor and glory to God. Praise God that He has it pretty well spelled out as to how He wants us to raise them and train them as long as we are obediant and not lazy. Praise Him too for always being faithful where we are weak!

While I'm sure many of my friends feel sorry for me being tied down, I wouldn't trade one day of being a parent!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer fun!

King Girls

My mom came over and took pictures of us girls for Daddy's birthday. It was harder then it looks to get all four of us not doing something totally weird!! She did a great job!

I love my husband!!!

I am so blessed to be married to such a man of God! He's always been a great husband but lately I have been amazed at his patience and understanding for me. In the past if I was in a bad mood, he would just give me my space and let me get over it, but lately he has gone out of his way to let me know what I mean to him and how much he apreciates me. I am so thankful! I know I don't deserve him! I love you!