Thursday, August 21, 2014

Snapshot of Summer

      I know there is no way to fully catch up on all the time I've missed, so I thought I'd briefly throw out a super quick review of the past several months!!!

Esther announces our exciting news to the Facebook world!!!

Over my birthday we whisked the girls away without telling them anything and spent most of the week at a beautiful beach house.  Turns out February is the time to be at the Oregon coast!  the weather was gorgeous!!!

We gained a gorgeous new sister-in-law/ auntie that we ADORE!!!  There is hardly anything like the blessing of watching God bring together two such incredible people.  We love them both so much!  (And I got to do their engagement and wedding photos which was a blast!)
From the end of April to the beginning of June we had three very special birthdays!!!  Havilah turned 6, Lydia turned 9 and Esther turned 3!!!
Another darling, darling niece was born!!!!  Peter and Mary had their first girl, our beautiful Joanna!
In June David and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  It was such a special time just enjoying how far God has brought us in our relationship and celebrating His grace in our lives.  So thankful for my amazing man!!!
The King Family Campout was a blast, and it was so fun to celebrate the next four King babies on the way!!!  Melissa just had their beautiful little daughter Evelyn last week.  We can't WAIT to meet her!!!
Camp time was a crazy, hard, wonderful time!!!  I got to go to Parent and Me camp with Bethany and Havilah this year which was such a blessing.  I loved watching Bethany in the older sister position and seeing her watch out for her little sister.  The day we got home from camp, David and Lydia took off for Jr. Camp.  She had so much fun!  After that we were all home together for a few days before David took off again to staff High School Camp.

Polk County Fair was as fun as ever!!!  Daddy couldn't make it this year, but Grandma and Boppa came with us which was a lifesaver for this tired, pregnant mamma!
Last weekend we had a glorious day at the beach just enjoying time together as a family.  David's work schedule has kept him running pretty ragged so it was a joy to just play and have fun together all day!
Whew!  Feels like trying to get a drink out of a fire hose, but at least now we're a little bit "caught up"!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hello Old Friend!

       I feel kind of like a stranger as I timidly step back in here with a shy wave.  It's been a long time!  It seems so strange that once I was so comfortable and familiar jumping almost daily on here and chatting about something or another. 

        These last couple of years have been part of a unexpected journey.  I have no idea how far along the journey I am, but I know I'm far enough along now to be able to look back and see the progress.  I can see the rocky bottoms.  I can see the lonely, lonely dry patches.  I can see the Lord gently carrying me through it all with grace that staggers me.  I can see the green meadows where I've been able to stand and just soak in the warm sunlight.  I can see the times I've had to just sit down and rest.

        Its difficult to jump back in after almost a year of silence.  I know I'll never be able to fully catch up, but for now I'll just give a brief summary of what I'm most thankful for here today.

     ~ I'm so grateful that the Lord is never done working and shaping us.  That He continues so lovingly to mold us into His likeness.  And that in our weaknesses we are the strongest, for it's then that we fully rely on His strength.

     ~ I am blessed beyond words when I think of how my husband has loved me.  I feel like I can't even begin to tell you.  I'm so humbled. 

    ~ We were introduced to a new "product" by a company called "Reliv" that has greatly, greatly helped with the fatigue I've been dealing with for so long.  For three months now I've been steadily feeling better and better.  After teeter-tottering back and forth for so long it is so, so encouraging to feel real progress!

     ~ On January 30th I came stumbling out of the bathroom first thing in the morning weeping.  "I'm pregnant!" was about all I could get out to David.  After months and months of praying the Lord has blessed us with a new little life on the way.  I'm 22 weeks along today.  Baby is a delightful little wiggle worm and my arms are already aching to hold this sweet one! I'm still just astounded by this and the tears flow even now as I just praise God for this amazing gift.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Few Thousand Words

     My girls are growing up faster than I can believe.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words so rather than attempting to explain how much they are growing and how much of a delight it is to have them in our life, I'll just share our Fall pictures and hope you get the message!

Every day that passes, I am more and more convinced that I am more blessed then I could ever imagine.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to School!

      Ahhhhh!  It feels good to be sitting down at the old desk again.  Tea and oatmeal sitting haphazardly to my left, fuzzy green blanket my friend Theresa gave me for my 22nd birthday draped over my shoulders, hearing the clack, clack of clack of the keyboard. 

      My husband (an endless list of adjectives pop into my head making it almost impossible to simple type "My husband".  Amazing, incredible, wonderful, stupendous, handsome, unbelievable.  I want to include all of those every time I say "My husband".  Except for stupendous.  I really don't think I've ever used that one out loud.)  Anyway,  my .... husband bought me an ipad last Christmas and so ever so slowly I've found that I hardly ever return to this desk computer, except to edit pictures (ooooh!  More on that later!) or to BLOG!!!  It's good to be back.  But I digress....

     Jumping back in to blogging after being gone for months, I'm finding is like meeting up with a friend you haven't seen in years before the creation of Facebook.  It's hard to know where to start.  Do you catch up on everything that happened in between, or simply pick up on where things are today?  As a result, the posts that follow will possibly seem a little random or disjointed.  It's kind of how I roll.  I apologize in advance!

     The biggest happening around these parts lately has been the return of another school year.  With my health issues last year, school was sporadic.  I have been anticipating this new school year greatly and it has been so refreshing for all of us to return to some semblance of order.

         First of all, how is it even possible that I have a third grader this year?  We have majorly simplified this year.  I'm accepting from the very beginning that I am not some highly creative, super organized, home school mom who can pull fun and exciting object lessons out of her hat at any given moment.  I'm leaning more heavily on pre-planned lessons and have trimmed much of the "extras" from our school day.  So far it is going swimmingly.

     I've got two girls learning about binomial nomenclature, one girl learning to read, one girl learning to write her name and one girl learning to say "Please Mamma" instead of screaming and to use the potty.  Out of the bunch, I would say I'm learning the most of all.  What a tremendous journey this is.

      And in case you're wondering.  Those pictures were from the first day of school.  They're a memory.  A keepsake.  NOT reality!!!  Here are my little school girls this morning...

        It's off to school we go! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013


      A few weeks ago my friend posted this quote on Facebook that blessed me so deeply.

      "Does the wildflower bloom less carefully and are the tints less perfect because it rises beside the fallen tree in the thick woods where mankind never enters? Let us not bemoan the fact that we are not great, and that the eyes of the world are not upon us." ~ Springs in the Valley

      I have missed blogging so much!  I've missed a great many things.  But this has been such a refreshing season of being totally incapable.  Coming to the realization that I just can't, and that's okay, has been such an amazing ride.  It is much harder than I imagined to let go of roles that I thought I could and should handle so well. 

     What a gift it has been to let go and rest in the wisdom and sovereignty of my loving Father.  To stop the striving and the failing and the fretting and to just trust.  And to find in the trusting a beautiful place to rest;  Obedience.  I was where God wanted me.  And all the times I felt like I was slipping into no one, nothing, unnoticed by the world, He would wrap His arms me and remind me that I truly am nothing apart from Him and being where He wants me is all the greatness I will ever need. 

    He also placed around me people who had just the perfect words of encouragement at just the right moments.  I've never felt more truly loved.

    Thank you all so very much for your prayers.  I feel like physically things are getting so much better.  I'm looking forward to a new season and praying that I will never forget to strive only for HIS greatness and never my own. 


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Order and Provide

There is something deep within the caverns of my soul that longs for control.

I want to fix.  I want to order.  I want to solve.

I should be able to fix myself.  I should be able to solve the heartbreaks of those I love.  I should be able to figure out the chaos that seems to bombard this life.  Everyday I feel the stirring deep inside me, my own flesh, wanting to have the answers.  Wanting to be the answer. 

I struggle with peace.  I struggle with surrender.  I yearn for a good battle to fight.  I long to finally fix myself.  This season a physical struggle and oppressive fatigue drives me to want to make myself better.  I should be able to fix this!

What a beautiful thing it is that God knows us.  Knows us deep into our souls.  And He loves to teach us, with kindness and tenderness.  Always He is there, gently guiding.  Gently leading.

He led me to a "new" song the other day.  Really it was a song I've known all my life and yet when I heard it just recently it brought chills to my heart.  I've listened to it maybe a hundred times since then and every time it does the same thing to me.  How desperately I need these words.

Be still my soul, the Lord is on your side
Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain
Leave to thy God to order and provide
In every change He faithful will provide
Be still, my soul, thy best, thy heavenly friend
Through thorny ways leads to a joyful end
I need this reminder.  I need every piece of it.  I want it burned into my soul.
I don't want to fix.  To order.  To solve.  I want to be still.  To leave to my God.  There my spirit finds peace.  There my soul finds rest.

Monday, June 24, 2013

How Can it Be That Esther is Two?

I have admittedly been living in denial.  To me Esther has continued to be our baby regardless of what the calendar says.  We've never had even close to this big of a gap between babies before.  This season of waiting on the Lord has been a beautiful battle of trust.  Meanwhile my "baby" has grown before my very eyes and as much as I couldn't believe it, she turned two the beginning of this month.

Esther breathes life into our home.  She walks into the room and there is a piece in all of our hearts that simply lights up.  She can be quite a challenge.  Her strong will and assertive nature does not make her easy to train or peaceful to be around, but her joy, her sweetness, her unbelievable irrisistability has us all wrapped around her little finger.  She delights us!

She has been a very slow talker but just recently words are popping out left and right.  It is so fun to see her quirky personality expressed through her words.  She is also very obsessive compulsive.  Being rather OCD myself it is hilarious to watch her lining everything up or sorting things by size or pattern.  What a goofball she is!


She's indescribable. 
We adore her!