Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Havilah at two months

Havilah was two monthes old on Sunday. It's so amazing after waiting forever it seems for them to come, how fast they grow and change! She is such a sweet little thing, full of bright smiles and very talkative! She adores her big sisters who love holding her and talking to her. She even slept until six in the morning last night! She is such a blessing to us!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sisters are so funny! I get such a kick over watching these girls interact! We just got a set of bunkbeds and since there wasn't room in their tiny little bedroom for the bunkbeds, Bethany's little bed, the crib and two dressers, we decided to just put both of the big girls in the bottom bunk bed. They have had so much fun and love going to bed together. The only problem has come from times like last night! Lydia is my social bug. When she is in the mood she can talk your head off ( which is most of the time). Yesterday we had people over all day for David's birthday, so she was wired! Bethany on the othe hand, LOVES her bed! Give her her pillow and her binky and she is as happy as can be. When she goes to bed, she is out! It was so funny to hear them as Lydia is chatting away with an occasional sleepy affirmative from Bethany. I finally went in there and Lydia is still reminding me of the chipmunk on HoodWinked while Bethany is barely concious. It was so sweet to see though, how they still both loved each other so much. Lydia says that Bethany is her best friend. Someday Havilah will join the ranks and hopefully many more to come, but I am so blessed to have two little girls who are starting the trend of loving one another.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fishing Day

It helps to have the line in the water!
Bethany helps Uncle Benjamin
She was such a good little trooper!
Our little fisherman

Last Saturday we all went fishing with the King family. It was a great time to spend with them. Lydia spent all afternoon with her pole in the water and Bethany spent all afternoon carrying the power bait all around!


My husband sent me a dozen red roses for our anniversary today! I couldn't believe it! I've never had flowers delivered to me before. He's the best!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

God's perfect plan!

We look so young!!! Of course I had graduated from high school the month before!

Tomorrow is our fourth anniversary. We were married on June 5, 2004. 06\05\04. I always thought that was cool! As I was making heart cookies today, Lydia was asking me what an anniversary was. As I tried to explain it to her, I was struck with the importance of remembering the special day that God brought us together to become one. David and I met when I was only three years old and I fell in love with him when was twelve, so he really is the love of my entire life! It's still amazes me though, how he was created just perfectly to be my husband and how I was created to be his helper. I know some say that you really could marry anyone and make it work, but I am convinced that God created us just for each other. It feels like we've learned so much these last four years, at this rate we should have everything figured out soon! Somehow I'm sure that we will always being learning how to love each other better though. My husband is the man of my dreams. I'm sure that I am the most in love wife there is! I am so thankful for the past four years and I'm looking forward to the next eighty! Hey we married young!

Sound Jubilee

Last night the girls and I went to the end of the year Sound Jubilee Concert. For those of you who don't know Sound Jubilee is a homeschool band and choir that I was a part of for several wonderful years. My sister Rachel is still a part of it. She played a beautiful song on her violin with Anna Hesse and sang a solo ( It was so amazing it blew me away!) in one of the songs. I can't believe how grown up she is.
It brought back so many wonderful memories to me. Those were some good times! We never would have been a part of it had it not been for the Thomas family. Sylvia drove us to and from for a long time and they also gave me the flute that I started on. We had some great times together, stopping for Artic Circle cones afterwards or hitting the clearance racks at Wal-Mart! I was so nervous starting out! But Mr. Callen was good at encouraging and making it a very enjoyable time. Slowing I learned to read music. It's so funny to think back to when we started, being so proud of make ANY noise on our instrument even a piercing blast to playing actual beautful music by the end. I met so many wonderful frinds from band and choir. Bethany, Emily, Anna and Mary S., Alyssa, and many MANY more! People that are now a precious part of my life. It also gave me the opportunity to get to know that really cute trombone player better too!
Maybe someday my own girls will get to be a part of it ( Lydia already can't wait to join the choir!) and they will get to have the same wonderful experience that was such a blessing in my own life! Thanks to all of you who helped make it so memorable!

Monday, June 2, 2008

They grow so fast!

Everyday I amazed at how fast my girls are growing up. I put Havilah next to a two week old little baby at church yesterday and she already seemed much less like an infant. Bethany can pick her uncles truck out of a full parking lot. But Lydia is the one that blows me away. She is always talking about the day when she is the mommy and I am the grandma, then she will wash the dishes, clean the toilet, drive etc.. She talks about her husband ( now that we've finally got through to her that she can't have five!) and how he is made just right for her. She talks about being a mommy and even how her babies will tell her funny stories. It is so amazing to see God already stirring in her heart the desire to be a woman of God and to care for and love her future family. I know that it will only be a moment and those things will be a reality. How blessed I am to be a part of these growing years! When I think of how fast they will go, I jsut try to hold her on my lap a little longer and pray that I will have wisdom in training her and preparing her for what lies ahead of her.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Girls

God has blessed me with the three most beautiful treasures I could imagine! Lydia just turned three and is my big girl helper and my little mommy. She is definitly the first born! She loves taking care of her sisters and helping Mommy whenever possible. Right now her favorite things are her Daddy, her sisters, Her stuffed elephant (Elly), her aunties, her uncles, the color pink, and singing.

Bethany is eighteen monthes old and is as different from Lydia as can be. She is quite content to play by herself but also loves to tag around after Lydia and try to do and say whatever she does. She is such a goofy little thing, but has an amazingly compassionate heart. She too is such a good big sister to her new little sister. Her favorite things are, Daddy, Boppa, Boppa King, Great Boppa, Lydia, "Habibah" and her pillow.

Havilah is only five and a half weeks old but already as precious as can be. I can't wait to see who she will become. She already has a heart melting smile and beautful piercing eyes. Her favorite things are, Daddy, Mommy, sisters and eating!