Sunday, November 2, 2014

Darin's Birth~ Part 1

         Sorry it has taken me this long to return with our news and the details of Darin's birth.  To be honest, this past month I've been snuggling my little man 97% of the time and have not really let blogging weigh on my mind at all!  I've been looking forward to getting back here and writing out the exciting story of the birth though.  I know for some of you this may not be your cup of tea (feel free to skip it!), but some of you have been asking for the details.  So brace yourself~ Here it comes!!!

        This pregnancy started out the easiest of all, but ended the hardest of all.  My girls were the biggest encouragements the entire time.  They let me rest.  They brought me water.  They rubbed my swollen feet.  They talked with me about the baby again and again and again and again.  And they never once complained about any of it. 

        I started this pregnancy positive, p.o.s.i.t.i.v.e. that we were having a girl.  And to be honest, I wanted a girl!!!!  I was sooo tired of people hoping we would have a boy.  After praying for a baby for two years nothing sounded better to me than a beautiful baby girl, and I was grieved at the thinking that a sixth little girl was somehow less valuable than a boy. 

       As it got closer to the birth I started to wonder though.  There were enough funny little differences that got the thought in my head, "I wonder.....".  Boy or girl we could not wait to meet this little person.  Every day it felt like all we could do was wait, wait, wait.  I didn't have any even small contractions leading up to labor, but there was TONS of pressure.  It seemed like at any time this baby could just come with little warning!  So still we waited.  And prayed.

         Three days past due, we were still all waiting.  At noon, my water broke!!!  I instantly started smiling, praising the Lord and shaking!!!  David came home right away,  Rachel, Lydia and Bethany got ready to go and we were off!  I hadn't really eaten anything that morning so we were going to swing by for some food on the way to the hospital, but I was having so much pressure I wanted to get to the hospital as soon as possible.  Public Service Announcement to anyone going to give birth:  EAT SOMETHING before heading into serious labor!!!

        We made it to the hospital and they checked us straight into a room.  It seems that having your sixth child and saying you're in labor carries some weight!  When they first checked me at 2:30 I was at 5cm..  That's when the contractions started.  And when I say they started, I mean they started.  I've never had labor begin so furiously.  Usually my labors are a steady progression from start to finish, sometimes slower, sometimes faster.  These contractions were five minutes or closer the entire time, incredibly long and incredibly hard. 

       I was expecting to be able to interact with my sister and daughters that we had invited to be there, but from the very start I was in the zone.  I was very weak from not eating and felt completely exhausted and nauseous.  I had put together a playlist of music weeks before and there were many moments were the words of those songs were what got me through.  It was a blessing having those words of truth playing audibly during those hours of extreme trial!

      David was such a support.  Whatever I needed, he was there for me.  Rachel and the girls were fabulous at just sitting back and letting me do my thing.  I was on the birthing ball for a long chunk.  I was struggling with pretty good back labor so I decided to try the Jacuzzi for awhile.  That was a tremendous help.  I was able to relax briefly in between contractions which was a blessed relief!  After awhile in the tub I began to feel a bit of pushing type pressure so I got out to be checked.  I was still only at 8cm. which was disappointing to me.  We waited for what seemed like forever, but really only an hour or so for things to progress.  Finally I tried laying on my side which proved to be terribly painful but effective.

       It was finally time to push!!!  Pushing didn't take too long before they were saying they could see the head.  I wasn't sure how much Rachel and the girls would want to watch, but they positioned themselves right down at the end of the bed and watched the whole thing!  I could tell in the pushing that this baby was on the bigger side, but finally his head, his shoulders and the rest of his body was pushed out.  There is absolutely nothing like that moment of seeing your baby for the first time.  Nothing better in the world. 

       The midwife showed him to the girls briefly before giving him to me to discover that it was a boy!!!!!!!  It was a moment of complete disbelief while at the same time being so very, very right.  I cried.  Bawled my eyes out is more accurate.  Rachel cried.  Lydia cried.  Bethany cried.  It was beautiful.  Unbelievable.  Nothing in the world like meeting a new person created by an awesome God, brought safely into this world.

           We named him Darin David after his Daddy, David Darin.  He was my biggest baby so far at 8 pounds 14 ounces, 21 inches long.  Labor lasted almost exactly six hours, and while it was hard, it went very well with no complications.  Praise the Lord for His unending grace!!!

          I couldn't believe we had a son.  A beautiful, perfect son.  Daddy was just a little bit proud!

      There is a bit more to this story, but this concludes the actual birth.  I'll continue on with the rest soon!



Anonymous said...

You know how to make a grown woman cry. I love hearing your story over and over again, Grace! I hadn't seen the picture of you holding Darin and David holding you and Lydia. How beautiful! I love you. I love Darin. I love David, Lydia, Bethany, Havilah, Ella and Esther. My heart is just pretty much bursting right now.
All my love--Mom

Aly sun said...

Sweet relief! Thanks for sharing the story. I love birth stories and I identified with much of it.

Martha A. said...

Love it! 1367