Tuesday, September 15, 2009

King Family Update~ Part 3

Bethany is also rapidly growing up. Because both of her sisters have spring birthdays, she feels like she has been waiting forever for her birthday to come! It's still a little ways away ( November), but I know that her third birthday will be here before we know it! She is our little bundle of energy and has a personality that is absolutely irresistible.

She has really started to be a great little helper, whether it's folding and putting away laundry, putting dishes away or setting the table. She loves keeping up with her older sister and also pretending to be "Mommy" to Havilah.
Bethany desperately wants to do school along with Lydia, but thus far can still not identify an "I" or tell you what it says, even though we've spent two weeks on it! We are having fun though, patiently trying to work with her and find activities that she can participate in.

Bethany is my one partner is guessing that this baby is a girl. At least I'll have someone to celebrate the victory of being right with! She is such a precious and fun girl. I'm so thankful for her!

King Family Update~ Part 2

So next in line is our lovely Miss Lydia. Lydia is almost 4 1/2. She is my right-hand helper, my clothing advisor, my kitchen assistant, my menu planner, my mini babysitter and my willing student. She has such an optimistic attitude about life and her faith in our great and faithful God helps remind me who really is in control of our lives.

We started homeschooling "officially" a few weeks ago, and she absolutely loves it! Last week she passed a huge milestone as she read her first sentence. " Sam met Tom". She says that math is her favorite though.
She is very excited about this new baby coming and loves to dream about everything she will be able to do with it. She was convinced it was going to be a girl, but as soon as she saw it on the ultrasound she said, "That looks like a boy to me!" and hasn't gone back yet. We now have major "She/He" battles as our house is evenly divided about what we think it will be.

I am so blessed by my sweet girl. God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave her to our family as our first born!

Monday, September 14, 2009

God will use whatever He wants!

Sorry for abandoning my family updates for the moment! I wanted to share something, more for my sake than yours.

It always amazes me how creative our God is. How He is not limited to speaking to us through "writing in the sky" or a bolt of lightning. Last night I was cleaning my gross kitchen. Believe me, it was very yucky! David was coming home that night after being gone for the weekend so I wanted it to at least be bearable! The girls were running around playing horses, hide and seek, and tag at the same time. I had an awful headache. I was feeling rather grumpy, tired, fat, the usual! Suddenly a song came on. It's kind of a random song that I'm not really sure why I even like it! Kelly Clarkson's " A Moment Like This".

It just hit me like a 2x4! This, right here, at that very moment, was my dream come true! Growing up all of my friends had such lofty dreams of being nurses, teachers, singers etc. All I ever wanted was to be a wife and a mommy. I fell in love with David when I was thirteen years old. So more specifically, all I've wanted for the last ten years was to be married to David! Here I was, standing in MY kitchen, cleaning MY home, listening to MY amazing, beautiful, precious daughters play joyfully with each other, feeling MY new little baby kicking inside of me, waiting for MY amazing husband to come home. I just broke down and wept! Even now as I write I can't stop the tears as I think about God's overwhelming goodness to me.

I really wanted to write this out as a tangible reminder for me in days to come and hopefully to encourage you to really look at your life. God is so good and His creative blessings surround us all the time!

Friday, September 11, 2009

King Family Update~ Part 1

I figured that I'd better break this up, or it would be WAY too long! I debated back and forth, but decided to start with us older folks even if we're not too exciting.

David has been busy lately, juggling running his contracting business, trying to get as many hours he can at the police department, being a trustee, being on the leadership team with our youth group group, and of course pulling off being the best husband and daddy alive!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with his job situation right now, I'll briefly fill you in. He completed his reserve officer training in May so he now works with the Dallas Police Department as a reserve officer. While he is greatly enjoying that, the less than glamorous part about about that position is that it is not paid. Right now we are waiting and praying for a job opening to come up ( as amazing as this may sound, jobs are a little scarce right now), and that he will be hired at just the right time.

So in the meantime, he is building full time and trying to get his police hours in on top of it all. God has been so faithful to us by providing sufficient work during this time to provide for us. I am so grateful to be in a position to be able to sit back and watch God work, even when it seems impossible!

I am starting to feel a little more human these days after getting through the "been canning for days on end, everything is sticky, feel like a zombie" stage. Mary and I had a blast canning until we just couldn't stand any more! It was so much fun and while I'm enjoying being (mostly!) done, I'm really looking forward to next year.
Life is falling into a routine a little more these days which I am very thankful for. I so enjoyed those few rainy days we had and snuggled up by the wood stove, lit candles and drank hot chocolate. I'm trying to be thankful and not resentful for these last few days of sunshine, but I am an Oregon girl through and through and Fall is my very favorite season!
I've been having so much fun trying out the baby wrap (pic above!) that a dear MOMYS friend sent to me. ( MOMYS is an online group. "Mothers Of Many Young Siblings". It is such a wonderful place for encouragement and support!) She heard that I was curious about them so she sent one my way. I couldn't believe it! Poor Havilah is my test baby right now and even though she's not really one for snuggling, she likes it pretty well! I can't wait to start out young with my new little one.
Speaking of which, I am growing quite nicely ( which I am reminded of everywhere I go!). I have always been one to show quite obviously! It amazes me how consumed with baby bumps some people are. Never fear! I wont disappoint you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never fear, we are alive!

Wow! Sorry for MIA these last few weeks! Life has been very full, busy and sometimes a little crazy. For a couple of weeks we canned for days on end, then we started our new "school schedule". During that time we have also been putting together our new youth council for the youth group and planning the retreat. Today we are gearing up for Daddy taking off for the weekend. Maybe during that time I'll be able to catch up here a little better. It's definitely time for an update on the girls who are growing up so rapidly even I can't believe it! Okay, good-bye for now, but I'll be back soon !