Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!

Last saturday we had our birthday party with my side of the family. We are so blessed at this time to have all of the great-grandparents still alive. It is so wonderful to have them share in the celebrations! Bethany was of course showered with presents!

Saying 'Thank you"

Havilah shares in the fun!

Nothing better than "Dirt Cake" for a two year old. Especially this one!

"More please?"

Monday, November 24, 2008

God's AMAZING plans!

I am so excited this morning as I got to see pictures of this beautiful baby girl that was born this last week. I don't even know her name yet!
In 2001 the King family ( my in-laws) agreed to let a young man from Germany come and stay with them for two weeks while the exchange student coordinator tried to find another home for him to move to. After a bit of time they realized that they would like to have him stay with them for the entire school year. After just a few months, Klaus got saved. Not just " repeat a prayer to make others happy" saved, but deep down repentant, saved by grace, surrendered to Christ saved! He went home that June but his faith stayed with him. It has been so amazing to hear how God has been working in and through him as he lives out his faith among friends and family that don't believe the same as him. Last summer he got married to a beautiful Russian girl named Nelly who also loves the Lord with her whole heart. And now God has blessed them with a beautiful daughter who they will raise to love the Lord and be mighty in His kingdom. I am over whelmed at the Lord's great plans that He is capable of bringing about and also how great an impact we can have on some one's life if we are faithful in loving them and showing them God's love.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Bethany!

Today is Bethany's second birthday! For weeks now she has been telling everyone that her birthday was coming and that she would be two. We had a special day today with just our family. Tomorow will be the party with my side of the family. I'm not looking forward to having to explain to her that her birthday is actually over!

As I write this now I'm thinking back to two years ago. Right at this time ( 7:50 p.m.) I was very discouraged! I had labored for 13+ hours, labor was very hard and after a forty-nine hour labor with Lydia I was ready for a VERY long night! Very soon though I would be checked and told that I was at 9 1/2 cm. and could push whenever I wanted! She was born at 8:30 p.m., 8lbs 2oz, 20 in. long, very blue and VERY bald! But she was so beautiful! I thought it was a miracle! From the very begininng she was so different from Lydia and it is a joy every day of her life to watch her grow and develop her unique personality into exactly who God created her to be! I was reminded last night as I watched "How Great is Our God" by Louie Giglio ( Must see!) that at the moment of conception her 3,000,000,000 character DNA code was written out, telling exactly who she would be! It was just a reminder to me of the amazing plans and purposes God has for my children's lives.

First of all, yes, she did have big eyes when she was a baby! And yes, her hair is finally starting to grow!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My little cutie!

Sorry! Nothing too exciting to share these days, but I couldn't resist putting up some more of my little sweetie! She is so much fun!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feeling toasty warm!

So our huge dilemma this Fall/Winter was our need for a wood stove. Finances have been pretty tight and we couldn't imagine paying our amazingly expensive furnace to pump heat out of our paper thin windows all winter long again this year! But we also didn't see where the $3,000+ was going to come from for the stove, pipe and other materials needed to get a wood stove in. But once again God proved that He is not subject to our circumstances and placed a stove right in front of us for $400! We also got a really good deal on some of our pipe and some financial blessings from some very unexpected sources! Every day I am so blessed to crawl up beside a crackling fire and I thank God for His amazing provisions!

Cutting into our dining room

My husband is amazing! He knows how to do EVERYTHING!!!

How our whole house looks during construction!

A constant audience ( Wow! I didn't even notice the hair until I posted this one!)

Praise the Lord!!!
( There will be a wood trim at the top of the tile and as a base board! We also will repaint it eventually!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Havilah at six months

Our little "Havi" is now six months old. As well as being the ever sweet as a pea, cute as bug, she has also added at times, mad as a hornet, lively as a hotwire, funny as a joker and chatty as a jaybird! Sometimes I'm rather tired and feel a slight flutter of animosity toward this child that is waking me up for the fourth time this night, but by the time I get to her, nothing can keep my insides from bursting with a smile at seeing her sweet face!

How will Bethany look with hair?

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Sorry! I wasn't online for awhile so I didn't realize I had been tagged! This is my first time too!

I am ... so thankful, more than I can say!

I want ... to not feel sick anymore!

I have... several hours ALONE! How weird!

I wish... could be the best wife and mom ever!

I know... My God is everything He says He is!

I hate... the returning sin in my life.

I fear... my God.

I hear... mostly silence ( again how weird!) with an occasional fire crackling.

I crave... nothing. Anything I think of makes me want to throw up!

I search... for wisdom.

I always... am amazed at the wonderful man I have.

I usually... will order the same thing and every restaurant.

I am not... afraid of the future.

I miss... Romania.

I love... my God. My man. My girls. So many more I could never write them all!

I never... drive while my husband's in the car.

I rarely... go swimming.

I cry... often enough!

I lose... my shoes a ridiculous amount!

I am confused... by the way many people think!

I should... go take a nap!

I worry... in disobedience.

I dream... of being with Christ.

I tag... Bethany.

I rarely...