Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Havilah!!!

I am actually three days late with this post as her birthday was the 22nd, but I thought that I had better go and give some recognition to my youngest little sweetheart.

Let's see, what do I remember the most about Havilah's birth? I found out I was pregnant with Havilah during one of the most stressful times of our lives. We had to move very soon and still didn't know where and work was the slowest it had ever been for David. We knew right away though that God had an amazing plan for this little one and that she would be a tremendous blessing and not a burden.

Her pregnancy flew by! With two little girls to chase around there wasn't much time to just sit. She was six days late and I remember going to the hospital and feeling uneasy about maybe having a boy because David and Lydia were at such odds about what we should name him. They would go back and forth about how Daddy likes Moses, but Lydia likes Gabe. I was pretty sure I was having another jewel of a daughter though!

Her labor was by far the easiest I had ever had. It was only eight hours and I never even had to get to my "hoo hoo heee" breathing! When she came out, she was so beautiful! I know every mom says that, but I was overwhelmed at the beautiful little creation I held.

She truly is a treasure. Her smile is the most effective medicine I've found. She is definitely our most "strong willed" child, but it is so rewarding to see the fruits of training her. She is going to be one powerful young woman!

I am so thankful for my precious little Havi. My heart delights in being her Mommy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Havilah at the Hospital

Yesterday we went in to Legacy Emanuel Hospital for Havilah to have a skin graft done. This was our first surgery to have happen to an of our children and I'm so thankful to say that everything went great!

She was such a darling little patient. All the nurses loved her!

Making sure she was still ticking!

This is was our great doctor, Dr. Pulito. He was so sweet! They had given her some stuff to make her a little loopy before starting so she really did look like that in real life! After just being totally hilarious for a while though, she decided that she really didn't like not being able to think straight and screamed the rest of the waiting time!

I finally got to hold her after the surgery. She was so hungry that she downed two glucose bottle and one of apple juice in about five minutes. They couldn't give her any more!

Not something I ever want to repeat but I am so thankful that all went well and for the loving people who took such good care of us!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sad Days!

Last Friday night our sweet little Havi took advantage of the two seconds Mommy wasn't looking and pulled the iron onto herself. We took her to the hospital where we learned she has a third degree burn on her left hand. The blessing in this horrible situation is that because the burn is so bad, she is in no pain at least up until now. Please pray for our precious sweetie that she would heal quickly and efficiently. Thank you!