Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Garabage in, Garabage out!

I was remembering back, it would have been about eight years ago, to a youth retreat we had back when I was in high school. Our speaker was an amazing man of God from Texas who came every year for about six years. He asked for a volunteer and a young man went forward who was from a Godly home but a that time was straying badly. Daniel ( our speaker) told him that he was going to tell him his future. We of course were all skeptical but very interested. Daniel told him that in 5-10 years he would be jut like the music he listened to. Praise God, that boy soon after totally turned his life around and is now whole heartedly serving the Lord!

Daniel's "future telling" has stuck with me though. How often do we think that the things we hear and watch really don't affect us. I think that if we honestly look at our lives though we will see that what is put in, eventually is what comes out, whether it is how we think, talk etc.. I often have to take a look at my life when I find myself feeling far from the Lord. What am I filling my mind with? Movies? I can list on about one hand the movies I've seen that are truly profitable! Music about how " All we need is you and me". No wonder I feel depressed when "You and Me" doesn't make life peaches and cream! Am I getting my fill of God's truth? Am I filling my mind with the praises of God? He's the ONLY one who can make something beautiful from our lives! I pray that I will always be able to see when I have deceived myself into thinking I'm "okay" when really I am slowly drifting away from what He wants for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Becky, a friend of the Nasons. I followed your comment on their blog to yours, and read this post. Are you talking about Daniel Savala? He used to come to our youth group in Alaska every summer for years! I gained a lot from him, and since he always said "Repetition is the best teacher," I remember a number of phrases he used for teaching spiritual principles. Nice to meet you via blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, thanks for the comment! Your Daniel just sounded too much like the Daniel I know, so I was pretty sure it was him. One of my favorite "Danielisms" is "Conviction always lifts you up." Where did you live that he used to come to? How do you know the Nasons? You're right - small world!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my questions! That's pretty amazing. My dad was in Romania for a short-term trip when Daniel was there, too - sounds like the same time your youth pastor was there. And I babysat Eli a couple of times years ago (he had a pet rat and brought it with him in my car). :) He and Mandy are good friends. I'll keep an eye on your blog and will probably talk to you again later. God bless!