Monday, December 1, 2008

The "Twos", whatever they are!

Bethany turned two overnight! This sounds like an obvious statement to make, but it has blown me away all the changes that have taken place in her! Our culture knows this time as the "Terrible Twos". Even the sixth grader I was talking to a few weeks ago was lamenting the "terrible twos" and how they are as unavoidable as a child turning two years of age. I laugh at that sort of talk and give my little spiel about how this is an amazing time of children growing up, testing, discovering and finding their boundaries. And I really do believe that! Bethany has been giving me ample opportunity though to practice my theory and see if I really do think these "twos" are as terrific as I say they are!

Two days after she turned this infamous number she started saying things that she never had, ( and I might add, never will if she's smart, which she is!) said before. Things like, "Leave my hat alone!" to her mother and " You're not the boss!" to her father. These are the testing times, not for her so much, but for me. Will I be consistent enough to train my daughters to be obedient and respectful to their parents and those around them? I fail so often! But God is so gracious!!

I have also in the last few days been overwhelmed at how faithful God is! When we are obedient in training our children how He wills, His blessing are amazing! Lydia and Bethany have become as close as twins seemingly over night! They have always loved each other, but their relationship has been full of squabbles and selfishness. Lately though, they are inseparable, even walking up the stairs holding hands! Hugging, kissing and playing all the day long! I am so blessed to see God working them together. She also has completely abandoned the thought of trying to rule over her parents, although I'm sure the temptation will present itself again!

I really love "the twos" and I don't think they're terrible! It is so amazing to see this person emerge out of this little baby that I used to have, and it is such an awesome privilege and responsibility to be the one that is to train her! I am growing slightly weary of the "whys" though!