Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cut the Ribbon Please.......

Gracenotes is open for business!!!

This has been a long time coming and I am so excited be able to officially announce the opening of our very own at home business, gracenotes.  This all began as an idea that I liked to dream about, of a business I could do from home with my daughters down the road.  I dreamed of blessing those around us while developing useful skills in us at the same time.  One day while talking to my sister who is about to graduate, I began to see how a business like this could be beneficial now, with my sisters.  We soon brought our mom on board which was the most blessed move we ever made.  After watching the hours and hours of the work she has put into our website, not to mention an overwhelming amount of thinking through different details, I can say without a doubt that we NEVER would have opened without her. 

Why the name?  It was one of Mom's original ideas, but I rejected it as it felt like we were naming the business after me.  We spent days racking our brains for different ideas.  We knew we wanted something to convey the purpose of our store.  We're not selling essentials in life.  We're selling those little extras that make life extra special.  If you're familiar with musical terms, that is exactly what a grace note is!  It's the tiny extra notes that add the little embellishments to make the music truly beautiful.  So I gave in!

The road to get here has been much longer than anticipated! Our original plan was to open at the end of summer. We quickly moved that to October.  It's hard to believe that we are actually here! 

Let me assure you, we have no dreams of grandeur here!  Our purpose the entire time has been to be a blessing to our customers.  We've strived the whole way to keep our costs low and our site easy to use.  Please bare with us as we continue to work out the kinks!

So this brings us to why you are really here!  The GIVEAWAY!!!!  We are actually going to be doing FIVE giveaways over the next five weeks, so stay tuned!

Today's giveaway is for some of our herbal tea and 100% organic cotton reusable tea bags.  (my computer is being very difficult this morning and I can't get it to load ANY of our tea pictures!!! Grrr!). 

Starting out we have four different teas. Mint Harmony ( a refreshing blend of peppermint and spearmint), Lavender Lemongrass (a light, subtle tea with a soothing feel to it), Peaceful Moments ( a blend of chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass that is wonderfully relaxing) and Vanilla Rooibos ( Have you ever tried rooibos? Try it!  It is rich and deep yet completely caffeine free.  We've mixed ours with some vanilla bean and vanilla to give it an even richer taste.  Add a little milk and sugar.... perfection.  But I digress!). 

One of my favorite products on our entire site is our reusable tea bags.  PICTURES WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?  PLEASE go to the site and check these out.  They are amazing.  They work better than any tea ball or strainer I've ever used.  Plus they are super easy to clean.

For our giveaway this week we are giving away a sampler pack (A sample of all four teas containing about 8 servings each, PLUS two of the tea bags) OR a full sized tea of your choice plus one tea bag to go with it.

You have three simple ways to enter. 

#1~  Go to our site  and come back and leave a comment telling us what one of your favorite products are.

#2~  Link us on your blog.  Tell your friends about us!

#3~ Find us on facebook under Gracenotes. Like us and you get another entry!

This weeks winner will be drawn next Wednesday.  Your entries will carry over to the next week, but we'll give you some extra ways to enter in the weeks to come as well!

Come on over to to find some easy and reasonable Christmas ideas or just something fun for you!  Thanks!!


Lacie said...

I adore the idea of the reusable cotton tea bags. :) I will definitely be ordering from you in the future. I can't wait to try some of your teas! I really like the all better butter too, and can't wait to try it either. :)

Toni Blair said...

So cool, Grace!!! I just shared your site on my fb page. I am excited to see how this goes for you all and look forward to playing with some of your products!

Amber said...

1. I love tea and the one I thought looked fun to try was the Vanilla Rooibos tea. Sounds yummy!

2. Linked you to my blog under favorite sites to visit.

3. I found you on Facebook and liked you there!

Hope you do well with your new business! What a good idea!

Robin said...

I would love to try the peaceful moments tea. That sounds wonderful!

Hannah said...

I love tea! Reusable tea bags sounds like a wonderful idea! I like the Better Butter!


Marsha said...

Those flavors sound delicious! I like the Better Butter!


...they call me mommy... said...

I LOVE it all Grace! I especially love the little blue jumper with white ruffle for my Ella! :) The teas look great! I will link on facebook also! :)

Congrats on your new business! :)

Gretchen said...

Congratulations on beginning your business! So excited for you. I liked you on FB--more links and such forthcoming!

Carissa said...

I think the all better butter sounds great! I would like to try it!

I liked Gracenotes on FB as well!


Mary Hake said...

I think the tea bags are a great idea. I'd also like to try some of the healing salves and lip products.

Abbie said...

Oh Grace!
This looks so fun and exciting! =) I like the website. Looks great! It's fun to look at the pictures and know who those beautiful girls are!

Jessica Elisabeth said...

Oh, how exciting! I love your website. I think my favorite thing is the home made jewelry, especially the necklaces!

anitab said...

Wow - this is so exciting! I know I like Rooibos, and it would be fun to try the sampler, but I 'must' have some reuseable tea bags for my chocolate mint that I harvested and dried this year. :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you Grace! I have never tried Vanilla Rooibos but it sounds yummy!

I liked you on face book too!
Kellie Westfall

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your store! It looks great!!! Keep up the great work :)

~Cheryl Plestina (MOMYS)

1. I linked you on my profile FB pg yesterday

2. Found and liked you on FB

Anonymous said...

Grace, I am so excited for you as you begin this new business venture! Wow, the prices are incredible! Thank you! I cannot wait to try your salves and to get some reusable tea bags and teas. Love you lots dear friend! Wishing you the best!

~Theresa Arnold

Melanie said...

This is so exciting! I love the name.

My favorite item I saw on the website was the grommeted bag.

Have you thought at all about listing items on Etsy?

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that you're finally open! So much fun and creative stuff -- I like it all. I really like All Better Butter, though, I use it for just about everything. The simply elegant necklaces are a wonderful embelishment, too. (Very creative name, by the way!) And definitely go ahead with the notecards, and the napkins too. God bless you!
~Jessica Smith

Season said...

I love those dresses! They are sooooo cute! And the vanilla tea sounds excellent!

Tauna said...

How wonderful! I'm especially interested in the tea bags, vanilla roobios tea and peaceful moments tea. I also love the jumpers for little girls. SO CUTE! Liked you on facebook and added a link on my blog. Thanks!

Angie said...

I linked you on my blog! I *really* love the body scrubs!:)

Ginger said...

I would love to link you on my blog! Do you have a blog button so I can do that? I couldn't find any images on the site.
I love the body butters, especially arnica.
I would ditch the italics font on the website. It's kinda hard to read.
Also $1.50 is too cheap for lip butter. ChapStick costs that much; surely yours is better than plain ole' chapstick! :D

Aly sun said...

I loved everything! Does that count? The jewelry is simply beautiful. The teas look fantastic. And I am very excited about the salves. Good work ladies!

Aly sun said...

I also talked about your site on my blog!

Aly sun said...

And I am a fan on facebook.

Anonymous said...

I visited your blog and I really adore your tote bags/purses.


Charlene said...

My favorite are the individual resuable tea bags!
I liked you on facebook!

Angie said...

Liked you on fB!