Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scheduling Our Lives~ Part Three

I admit, I didn't get very far yesterday .  I probably won't make it too far today either so brace yourself!  I guess I have this feeling that if I just plow through the whole thing it won't make any sense.  Bear with me.  Just think how good I am for your patience building!

So here is the start of the day~

6:00 ~ Mommy wakes up and does her morning schedule.

This part probably seems incredibly elementary to most of you, but boy has it improved my manner of living! 

The first thing I do after gettng out of bed is turn around and make the bed.  Simple.  Easy.  Life changing.

(My husband loves that blanket.  I dream of the day our bed is beautiful and romantic.  Until then, I comfort myself with the fact that my husband loves that blanket.  Sigh.)

After that, I get dressed (or stay in my pjs until after I've exercised) and quickly scoop up any dirty clothes that are in the room.

(Do you see that?!  That really is my room!  And the floor really is clean!)

The best part about this step is it literally takes about 20.3 seconds!  And my room stays clean.  Unbelievable!

Next, I head downstairs with my handful of laundry and throw it immediately into the empty washer where I add more clothes and start a load.

It's now been about four minutes since I rolled out of bed ( ten on a bad day!) and already my bed is made, my room is clean and laundry is going.  I love it!

Now it is time for me to sit down next to the roaring fire (thanks to my amazing hubby who can make a roaring fire in four minutes compared to the half hour it takes for me to get a flame), eat a little breakfast and enjoy some time reading the Word and being with Jesus.

6:30 (ish)~  Hopefully I have some time to get in some exercise followed by a quick shower.  This is the portion of my day that needs some tweaking.  I would love a full half hour to exercise (for me I usually do a walking DVD, TTapp, or some random pilates or something like that.) and ten to fifteen minutes to shower.  Wake up even earlier?  It looks like I may need to.  At this point my exercise time is being cut pretty short or if Daddy is going to be around I can shower during breakfast time.

6:45-50~  Girls are roused from their beds.  Like me, the first things they do are make their beds.  They have comforters so this process isn't too complicated.  Next they get dressed and have their hair done. Hair done before breakfast you ask?  Yes.  Here's why.

That fine hair wouldn't stand a chance!  And getting dressed before breakfast tends to get them moving a little better.  Somehow it is much more tempting to stay plopped at the breakfast table when your still in your nice warm jammies then when your already going for the day.

So that's the beginning of our day.  Not very complicated, but it sure starts us out on a good foot!


Grace Wheeler said...

WooHoo! Way to go Grace!

Each morning when I make my hubby and I's bed is when i take the time to pray for him and his's been a great habit to get into!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out lout with your "here's the reason why I do their hair BEFORE breakfast" photo. Dear, sweet, Havi. You are so absolutely loveable--messy hair and all.
I love you, Grace. Keep up the wonderful work! --Mom

Anonymous said...

Oops...I meant that I laughed out LOUD (not lout!!) Sorry!! --Mom

Gretchen said...

Grace, your bed is almost identical to ours! Ours that my hubby made is pictured here:

Aly sun said...

Yes, very important to get up before the children. A great reminder, as I've fallen into a bad spell and things are getting out of control.

Season said...

This is great stuff Grace! Such simple things that really do change our lives. I love these babysteps. We can each add one a day and be blessed like you!!!!

Charlene said...

Grace, you are doing wonderfully! I'm going to start trying the make the bed as soon as I get up thing, sounds easy!

Denise said...

I can attest to everything mentioned in this post.

Although I have gotten out of quite the routine since being in my first excuse, I know.

Thanks for the reminder at how quickly you CAN have all these morning tasks completed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your openness! you have truly been a blessing through it to me!

Love Always,