Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scheduling Our Days~ Part Four

Thus far we've covered~

6:00~ Get out of bed. Do morning routine .
6:30~ Exercise/ shower
6:45~ Girls wake up, make bed, get dressed and get hair done

7:00~ Breakfast

Once again I feel a little embarrassed making this confession to you.  We eat the same thing for breakfast almost  every    single     morning  (on school days).  And it's (Gulp!) Granola!

I know this sounds about as "Granola Mom" as you can get.  I guess because it literally is.  But let me tell you, it is soooooo easy and soooooo delicious that we haven't burned out on it yet.  I had originally planned on switching between oatmeal and granola, but as I said, oatmeal is ten times the work (which I admit is not that much!) and ten times less delicious. 

I'm sure you weren't really hoping for a recipe today, but here it is non the less.

If possible, find a beautiful assistant.  Makes it tons more fun!

Mix together~ 8 cups rolled oats
                      1 1/2 cup oat bran
                      1 1/2 cup flax meal
                      2 cups coconut
                      2 cups slivered almonds

In a separate pan add~ 1 1/2 tsp. salt
                                    1 cup brown sugar
                                    1/2 cup honey
                                    1 cup oil
                                    1 Tbl. cinnamon
                                    1 Tbl. vanilla

Bring this to a boil and then pour over dry ingredients.

Mix well and pour onto two greased cookie sheets or 9x13 pan and bake for 20 min. at 325'.  Stir once half way through.

It should be just barely brown when it's done.  Don't wait for it to be crisp and crunchy!  It does that as it cools!

The great thing about granola is you can add yogurt, fresh fruit or berries, dried fruit or berries, nuts or anything you feel like!

It takes me about 37 seconds to put the bowls, spoons, jar of granola and milk on the table.  Clean up is hardly any longer.  We are filled, happy and ready for the rest of our day!


Tauna said...

I am SO glad you're posting on your routine. I'm very much not a morning person and, although I love a clean house, mine has a tendency to be anything but. I like the baby steps. It means I might actually do them :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe!

Amy Lynn said...

Awww. Thanks for your posts. I need to be doing this right alond with you. I was just looking for a granola recipe as I am placing my Azure order. Thank you! I had just decided to eat slow-cooker oatmeal everyday, and that my 6yr old and 4yr old can make it, maybe we will have to alternate. =)

Season said...

This is a great idea! Thank you! The honey just say's 1 1/2. Is that cups?

Grace said...

Ahhh! Sorry! Honey is fixed now.

Aly sun said...

Delicious. I just made it with my girls and 20 cups turned into 19 before we even got it in the oven. I'll add raisins when it is done.

Jessie said...

Ha ha! I have a great granola recipe similar to yours. But I find taking a few minutes to cook oatmeal is easier than doing a big batch of granola every few days. It must be a scheduling thing!

I read through your scheduling posts. Thanks for sharing!