Saturday, November 8, 2014

Darin's Birth~ Part 5

      David was able to stay at the hospital for the first six nights, but because he was starting night shift that next week, he had to head home to get his sleep!  For the last three nights big sisters came to help me out and spend some time with their brother.

         Lydia joined us the first night, Bethany and Lydia stayed the next night and then Havilah and Auntie Rachel joined us the last night.  It was a blast!  Who knew being stuck in the hospital could be so much fun!
          My time at the hospital with my dear son was truly a precious, precious time.  But as the time drew nearer to going home I started getting really excited!  I was bonded so well to my sweet Darin and I couldn't wait to have our family all together at last. 
        Finally the day arrived!  The doctor gave the final word and we packed up for good this time and headed out!
      Ten days after walking into the hospital, I stepped outside for the first time!  With our beautiful little boy!!!  God was so abundantly gracious to us through every single detail.  Now we headed home to begin life with SIX children!  Now the adventure really starts!!!!


Jessica Smith said...

I can't wait to meet him!

Raising Saints said...

So happy to hear that Darin is home! And it sounds like you made the best of your time away .. how wonderful that you were allowed to stay with him AND with visitors!

He is going to be so spoiled!! ;)