Saturday, March 21, 2009

Havilah These Days

I can't believe how fast she is growing up so I thought that I would catch you up on what's happening in my littlest one's life.

Teeth. While my first two were amazing teethers ( I rarely knew a tooth was coming until it broke through!) Havilah is educating me on what it is really like when someone says " My baby is teething. Three down, many more to come!

She loves being a big girl and so far is not showing any amazing signs of being the most humble baby of the year! She likes everyone to know how proud she is of herself.

Ahh, yes. Stairs. How can going up be so easy and fun and coming down such a puzzle?

Did I mention that I think she's beautiful? She continues to melt my heart everyday!


John and Kelly and our lambs: Joshua, Jacob, Josiah said...

Oh, yes, she is getting big. And yes, so very beautiful! A few months ago Josiah seemed to have a new tooth coming in every other week, and he's just about that much older than her, so that makes sense. Just like my other boys his teeth came in in the most unattractive order leaving him looking a little goofy, but now that he has his front 4 on top and bottom he won't have to look that silly again until he starts loosing his baby teeth :)

Aly sun said...

She is beautiful. This age is so full of adventure.

Karen said...

How cute! The comment about not being humble...sounds like a typical third child, the cute show-off! :) I bet she is really fun!