Monday, July 20, 2009


We decided to go camping this past weekend with my two youngest sisters. We were long overdue for a camping trip so we were all so excited to go! It was such an amazingly refreshing time and God was so faithful the entire way. We decided to head up to Yellowbottom campground. I had never been there before but David had camped there as a boy. The campground doesn't take reservations though and we had to leave later in the day so we were rather nervous about getting a place. It was a long winding road and we were rather slow going ( pulling a trailer with our minivan and have to pull over for car sick girls) so we got passed a few times. The whole way up I was praying " Lord, please just keep one place for us!". God was so faithful and as we pulled around the campground we found the last site in the whole place! Several cars pulled through right after us but had to leave. We were so thankful!

Set out some chairs and then you're officially camping! Havi is still not walking and so she was mostly confined to a chair the whole trip. As bad as that sounds, she really had fun!

Building our first fire!

Setting up camp

Let me tell you, camping with a ratio of 4 big people to 3 little people is AMAZING!!!

Making doughboys for breakfast

Bethany was declared the doughboy queen. " Doughboys are my favorite favorite BEST food!"

Checking out the river


"Still here in my chair, passing the day!"

It was Rachel's sixteenth birthday while we were camping!

Nothing like birthday cream puffs and frappicinos!

Heading down for some serious swimming

Auntie Rachel with Bethany Rachel

Our one injury of the trip. Lydia stubbed her toe really badly but was very brave about it. Another moment were God was great: We couldn't find the keys anywhere to unlock the car and get the first aid kit. David and the girls were searching while Lydia, Bethany and I prayed together. As soon as we said "Amen" we heard the keys jingling!

"Yep, still here!"

Some marshmallow roasting lessons


It was such a wonderful trip. We love spending time with our sisters! Rachel and Anna are so much fun and so helpful! We love spending time together! It is such a blessing to have time to remember how much fun it is to just be together and have adventures. It is so much fun to watch the girls loving life, exploring and learning. Makes us want to go back next weekend!


Raising Saints said...

Look on my site at your blog title .. it has been showing a different title for days now and I was finally just able to get your site to refresh! I was "this close" to PMing you on MOMYS. ;)

Looks like a great trip .. Oregon looks gorgeous. I'm ashamed to admit that, when we camp, it is in cabins with AC and running water. Haha. Its still fun though!

Melanie said...

Havilah may have not been able to run around, but I'll bet she stayed much cleaner up on her chair!

Aly sun said...

I love it. You took lots of fun pictures to remember a special trip. The adult/child ratio sounds divine.

psalm34 said...

Wow.... looks like such an awesome time! The only two times we have camped with children have been for a night and much more stressful than this looks. (of course one was just on our ministry property and completely wasn't planned until we got there for worship and dh ran back to get our stuff so we could stay with the others!)I am loving the scenery there, makes me want to visit! Here in TX I think we'd have to wait until probably Oct. to camp comfortably. What a blessing that you sisters are able to be involved in your life and your girls' lives! My younger sis is 21 and lives 10 hrs away, but even when she around isn't really into helping more just the "fun" times.
(momys-- Livingroglorfiy2

Kelly said...

Very fun! We haven't been summer camping since a few weeks before #1, we always say we are going to but settle on tenting in the back yard ;) How were the mosquitos?

Ruthie said...

I really like that campground! I'm so glad you got a spot, looks like you had a lot of fun.