Friday, December 21, 2012


If yesterday was a sick day, today was a "say good-bye to family, run around town amidst the craziness to finish up Christmas details, come home and crash" kind of day.

Bethany was my shopping buddy and we had a BLAST cruising around town, trying to find places to park, telling jokes ect..  I love how different God has made each one of my children.  I randomly asked Bethany today what she liked.  She said she liked being funny.  And she IS!!!  That girl has us busting up all the time!

Lydia is feeling much better today which we are praising the Lord for.   Her voice is still completely gone (which is actually quite comical) but her throat is feeling so much better and her fever is gone.  This mama is so happy!

Tomorrow is our only day left to make our Christmas candies.  Talk about leaving it until the last minute!  I'm already beginning to feel that completely wiped out, tired to my toes, perfectly happy, holiday bliss that sets in around this time.  Trusting that God will give me the energy to see me through!

I was browsing through old photos tonight and came across this one.  What astounded me the most wasn't how little she seemed last Christmas, but how in my minds eye, that is still my Esther!  Somehow this mommy still cannot grasp how big her baby is getting!


Anonymous said...

The top picture of Esther reminds me so much of Lydia at that age!! Have fun making goodies...
I love you!

Raising Saints said...

Merry Christmas Grace!! You are a blessing to me!