Saturday, September 21, 2013


      A few weeks ago my friend posted this quote on Facebook that blessed me so deeply.

      "Does the wildflower bloom less carefully and are the tints less perfect because it rises beside the fallen tree in the thick woods where mankind never enters? Let us not bemoan the fact that we are not great, and that the eyes of the world are not upon us." ~ Springs in the Valley

      I have missed blogging so much!  I've missed a great many things.  But this has been such a refreshing season of being totally incapable.  Coming to the realization that I just can't, and that's okay, has been such an amazing ride.  It is much harder than I imagined to let go of roles that I thought I could and should handle so well. 

     What a gift it has been to let go and rest in the wisdom and sovereignty of my loving Father.  To stop the striving and the failing and the fretting and to just trust.  And to find in the trusting a beautiful place to rest;  Obedience.  I was where God wanted me.  And all the times I felt like I was slipping into no one, nothing, unnoticed by the world, He would wrap His arms me and remind me that I truly am nothing apart from Him and being where He wants me is all the greatness I will ever need. 

    He also placed around me people who had just the perfect words of encouragement at just the right moments.  I've never felt more truly loved.

    Thank you all so very much for your prayers.  I feel like physically things are getting so much better.  I'm looking forward to a new season and praying that I will never forget to strive only for HIS greatness and never my own. 


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Amy Jackson said...

So nice to hear from you... I was getting a little worried.... ;)