Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrating Today!

I'm feeling the need to shake off the "My children hold me back", " I can't do what I want to do", "All my friends have fabulous lives, but I'm stuck at home" mentality. I seriously want to stretch, shake my whole body and scream " My children are a blessing from the Lord! They bring heaps of joy into my life! Never would I want to trade one moment of my stinky diaper, sticky fingered, runny nosed, never ending car seat buckling life!"

In the following pictures (just snapped five minutes ago) is just a glimpse of my crazy, wild, funny, FABULOUS life with my babies.

Here we have the big girls playing doctor. Yes, Bethany dressed herself this morning. Yes, Havi is sporting her winning smile, has no pants and is sitting next to a dirty diaper.

Here's my sweet Ella. She needs a bath. She smells like sour milk, but dare I admit that I think it's kind of sweet!
Here's the peanut butter face that I kissed over and over. Hugs and kisses always make life sooooo much better ( plus I got a little protein as a bonus!).
Now the question is, can you see what a blessed woman I am, or do you feel sorry for me? If you feel sorry for me, than I feel sorry for you. I can imagine nothing more fulfilling or fun then the life God has blessed me with. Mommys, go kiss your babies!!!!!


Mrs. Skelton said...

Grace, this is simply a beautiful post! :-) Babies are such a blessing! I can't wait to meet mine! I know I probably keep saying that, but honestly... I really can't!

Charlene said...

I definetely don't feel sorry for you!! Sometimes I feel sorry for myself (but that's not the right attitude either)! Being thankful where God has us & enjoying it. I'm so glad you're enjoying motherhood!

Grace Wheeler said...

Such a good post, Grace! I love your perspective!

It's funny how people sometimes try to make me feel "better" (for some reason) by saying things like "don't worry, soon they'll be older and you can have some peace and quiet while their out starting to have their own little lives". What? NOOOOOO! I DO NOT look forward to that! That breaks my momma heart!

Hopefully and prayerfully, I'll always have a baby around :) I want to always see those dirty diapers on my couch :) :)

Hannah said...

I definitely see how blessed you are! :=) I actually was a little surprised at the beginning of your post when you said that you feel the need to shake off the "my friends have such fabulous, exciting lives". I guess sometimes we all have "the grass is greener over there" mentality, but I didn't think you ever did. :) Maybe that's silly on my part. :) I know how Charlene feels - sometimes I struggle with feeling sorry for myself, but I, too, want to be thankful and grateful for where I am in life, because this is where God has me. Right? Godliness with contentment is GREAT gain. He will work what He will when He wills, how He will - I just need to remember that. (Sorry, I didn't mean to turn this into a sermon/pep talk for myself. :=) I LOVE your blogs and posts, Grace - keep up the great work!!!! They encourage me because seeing how God has blessed you with the desires of your heart, reminds me that He wants to give me the desires of mine as well. And Charlene's. I love you both, girls!!! HUGS!!! :=)

Bethany Butler's Family said...

Wonderful post Grace! Thank you!

amandavital said...

Amen!!!! That's the right attitude Grace. Beautiful Beautiful attitude. They are SUCH a JOY and blessing. That's why God wrote about it SO SO many times saying that the fruit of the womb is such a blessing, and that a closed womb is a curse. May God bless you with many many more :)

and i agree with this last baby if i failed to bathe her i started noticing that she smelled more like butterscotch to me every day... LOL but my husband would tell me she needed a bath. so we compromised with bathe her more often but i didn't have to use soap ... that did the trick...

thank you for the post