Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Retreat

My parents are the AMF ( American Missionary Fellowship) Area Directors for our area. That holds many responsibilities including, running the Spring Retreat and summer camp. I grew up going to camp. Because my daddy was always there, I got to go quite young. I will spare you first year pictures. I had just had the worst bang cut of my life ( I've forgiven you Mom!) and had to rely on my personality that year!

I started cabin leading at a young age too. I won't tell you how young for fear of freaking you out. ( Don't worry, there are much stricter guidelines for staff now!). I continued helping at camps and retreats after I got married through one pregnancy, one baby and onto my second pregnancy. After Bethany was born though, it became clear that my role was now to stay home, take care of my babies and pray. While it is hard at times, I don't regret one moment of my "lot in life". My dream has always been to be a mommy and not a cabin leader.

However, as Spring Retreat rolled around this year, my parents found themselves at the last minute in need of another girl's leader. What started out as a joke, rolled into reality quickly when my sister Mary (recently married to Peter) said that they would love to take the girls for those three days. Mary has spent a GREAT amount of time with our girls and there is hardly anyone I would trust more than Peter and Mary.

So, I went. Ella Bug was my little bunk mate and she did wonderfully! It was so much fun to be back working with the youth and watching the Lord work in their lives.

(My amazing cabin! Gracie, Larissa, Juli, Rachel, Ida, Joy, Me and Charity.)

The theme of the retreat was "Raising the Bar". We had several great speakers who really challenged us about specific areas of our life and how we can choose to honor the Lord. It was excellent! I know I was poked and prodded a little! The kids seemed really challenged too.

It was a wonderful few days. Great speaking. Great activities, ( my amazing girls came in third in the great challenge, beat only by boy's cabins!). My girls were so precious. It was beautiful to see these young women truly desiring to be used by the Lord. They were such an encouragement!
It was fun being able to serve alongside my husband again. Just like the old days!

I was sooooo ready to come home to my babies though! They had a fabulous time! I'm still hearing stories of pancakes made into letters, rides in the wagon behind the three-wheeler, chickens, cows, sheep, dogs, kittens, and the donkey. There's nothing like farm life!

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of the Spring Retreat. I'm more thankful though for where the Lord has placed me. Every day is such an exciting opportunity to see what He has planned for me!


Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Sounds like you were richly blessed! How wonderful that you could go. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Grace...I'm so glad you've forgiven me for that "bad bangs" haircut. It honestly would have been completely understandable if you just couldn't do it! I do love that picture, though. It always makes me smile! I think you should put it on your blog :). Then again...
Love, Mom