Friday, June 4, 2010

All mushy and time crunched!

Tomorrow is our anniversary and today I am filled with thoughts of my amazing husband. Did I say amazing? I mean, AMAZING!!! I met him when I was three years old, fell in love with him when I was thirteen, married him at eighteen and have never doubted for one moment that he is the most incredible man alive and that he was created perfectly for me. I wanted to write out our whole story but then I remembered, "Oh yeah! I did that last year!". I was then going to scan pictures from our wedding but, you guessed it, I did that last year too! So, with great feeling and warmth I say, go read our story here. And for pictures of two kids who were madly in love look here. Everything I felt then, I feel now, just 100 times more!!!   


Aly sun said...

Have a special anniversary.

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!