Friday, July 2, 2010

I yika dat!

I am notorious for saying how much I love every stage that my children go through. I fall in love with them the moment I see them and it's never gone away. However, there seems to be something incredibly special about watching your toddling baby transform into a little girl right before your eyes! Havilah is right at that stage!

Take a look at this.......

This little chub was my Havi babe less than a year ago. She couldn't walk. She couldn't talk. She couldn't be left alone for 1.3 seconds. Now we've got someone new hanging around our house.

It feels like she has transformed overnight into this adorable, spunky, tenderhearted little girl. She says the funniest little things that keep us busting up all day long and the sweetest little things that make my heart throb. Her favorite thing to tell us these days is, "I yika dat!". Translation~ "I like that!". Everywhere we go. " I yika dat meat!", "I yika dat dress", "I yika dat pink dog". (No, the dog was not pink, but that is her favorite color to say right now!).

I have to say, just her cheerful exclamations of all the things she "yikas" has got me thinking! Here I am again, getting all bogged down in the day to day, forgetting to take in all the blessings I am surrounded by and forgetting to pour my thanks on the One who is not only sustaining me, but is working in the heart of my little two year old and revealing to her a world that is bright and beautiful and designed by Him.

So here I am to say, I yika my home. I yika my new book. I yika this quiet evening with four beauties sleeping peacefully. I yika that sweet little girl who is teaching me so much every day. And I am overwhelmingly thankful for the One who reveals more of Himself to me every day!


Aly sun said...

Love this post. What a blessing to be able to see all the positives at this often challenging age. I constantly hear people say "terrible twos" and it bugs me. No, they aren't terrible, they are terrific. Sure we have our head-shaking moments, but my 2 year old is so fun and I love to see her personality unfold and her ever growing vocabulary. I yika this age!

KD said...

I yika dis blog entry!

Season said...

Thank you once again Grace. I needed this perspective today.

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Sweet blog post!! :)