Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Trip to Tacoma

Last week we were able to take off to Washington for four days to visit David's two brothers, their wives (who are some of my dearest friends) and our two beautiful nieces.  We've been trying to get up there since last August, but finally, we made it!!!

Ella and Talia are only two months apart and have become GREAT buddies even though we don't get to see them very often.  Their personalities jive perfectly and it is sooooo much fun to watch them bop around together.

Esther and Eliana are two months apart as well, and they ADORE each other!  It is so sweet to watch them be so excited to see each other.  No one in the world makes Esther as excited as Ellie!

Jonathan and Laura and Benjamin and Melissa both live on apartments which are located right next to a HUGE mansion that is part of the seminary.  The grounds are beautiful and the girls had a blast exploring.

The weather was GORGEOUS the entire time we were there.  Unbelievably gorgeous.  On Monday we spent a large chunk of the day at Point Defiance park.

The girls loved the duck pond!

(I just ADORE this picture!!!)
My two gorgeous sister-in-laws with their adorable baby bellies.  (Did I mention I LOVE being an auntie?  Did I also mention that I have four new nieces or nephews coming this year?)

On our way home we all stopped by Cabela's.

The girls all agreed that this was the best store EVER!!!

The visit was so wonderful.  Our siblings truly are our dearest friends so it was incredibly refreshing to just soak up our time with them.  Now we miss them all like CRAZY!!!

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Raising Saints said...

That is so great Grace! All of those girls are just beautiful. BTW we have a Cabelas near us and it is AWESOME .. such a fun place to go. :)