Friday, March 8, 2013

A Brand New Miracle

I met my friend Theresa when I was in fourth grade and she was in fifth.  I remember her walking in the doors at our home school co-op.  Never did I imagine that I would be meeting one of my best friends.
She was in my wedding.  I would have been in hers had I not been HUGELY pregnant at the time!  The Lord has led us here and there over the years but He has blessed us with a friendship that transcends distance, time and many different roads. 
Theresa has enriched my life so greatly and a few weeks ago she gave me one of the greatest gifts I could have imagined.   She asked me if I would like to be there for the birth of their first baby.  My eyes fill with tears even thinking about it.
Last Tuesday night sweet Baby Paige finally decided to make her grand entrance and I got to be there to witness it!  I also got to take some pictures which if you know me, you know that thrills me!  Here are just a few from that amazing time.


It was incredible.  Beyond words.  Theresa was the epitome of AMAZING!!!  I keep raving about her to everyone I see.  The birth was so beautiful.  Paige is perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  I think I've still got a buzz from the wonder of watching something so awesome. 
After having five, this was the first birth I was privileged to witness.  I'll never forget that amazing miracle!


Charlene said...

Grace you did a great job with these pictures! They are perfect.
Theresa - great job through your labor and what a beautiful baby girl you have!

Anonymous said...

Grace thank you so much for sharing in that special evening with us and helping welcome baby Paige into the world! Your presence in that delivery room was such a comfort and we got the added bonus of your photography skills too! :-) I am blessed over and over again by your sweet friendship. Love you so very much! -Theresa