Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Havilah!!!

Last Monday my sweet Havilah turned five.  Moments like these always leave me in disbelief.  How did my fiery, stubborn to the core baby go from this....

to this?!?!?!
For the last few months Havilah has been dreaming of being a cowgirl.  We thought we'd help her along for her birthday!

Havilah has blossomed into an unbelievably delightful girl.  Her inward beauty shines through her in every way.  She is sweet, thoughtful, encouraging.  She has a tremendous servant's heart and is the one I can always count on to stick with a hard job until the end. 

She's still got a pinch of sassafras in her though!  Our normally shy and somewhat withdrawn girl is becoming the life of the party!  It is so much fun to see her goofing off and not being afraid to have other people notice her.  She makes us laugh.  All the time!

It's incredible for me to think back on all the battles Havilah put us through.  We don't wonder where that strong willed baby went because you can still see the fire shining through our big girl's eyes.  It is just so beautiful to watch God working in a life so young and transforming her into something so dear and beautiful.
We love you Havilah!!!

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