Thursday, August 21, 2014

Snapshot of Summer

      I know there is no way to fully catch up on all the time I've missed, so I thought I'd briefly throw out a super quick review of the past several months!!!

Esther announces our exciting news to the Facebook world!!!

Over my birthday we whisked the girls away without telling them anything and spent most of the week at a beautiful beach house.  Turns out February is the time to be at the Oregon coast!  the weather was gorgeous!!!

We gained a gorgeous new sister-in-law/ auntie that we ADORE!!!  There is hardly anything like the blessing of watching God bring together two such incredible people.  We love them both so much!  (And I got to do their engagement and wedding photos which was a blast!)
From the end of April to the beginning of June we had three very special birthdays!!!  Havilah turned 6, Lydia turned 9 and Esther turned 3!!!
Another darling, darling niece was born!!!!  Peter and Mary had their first girl, our beautiful Joanna!
In June David and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  It was such a special time just enjoying how far God has brought us in our relationship and celebrating His grace in our lives.  So thankful for my amazing man!!!
The King Family Campout was a blast, and it was so fun to celebrate the next four King babies on the way!!!  Melissa just had their beautiful little daughter Evelyn last week.  We can't WAIT to meet her!!!
Camp time was a crazy, hard, wonderful time!!!  I got to go to Parent and Me camp with Bethany and Havilah this year which was such a blessing.  I loved watching Bethany in the older sister position and seeing her watch out for her little sister.  The day we got home from camp, David and Lydia took off for Jr. Camp.  She had so much fun!  After that we were all home together for a few days before David took off again to staff High School Camp.

Polk County Fair was as fun as ever!!!  Daddy couldn't make it this year, but Grandma and Boppa came with us which was a lifesaver for this tired, pregnant mamma!
Last weekend we had a glorious day at the beach just enjoying time together as a family.  David's work schedule has kept him running pretty ragged so it was a joy to just play and have fun together all day!
Whew!  Feels like trying to get a drink out of a fire hose, but at least now we're a little bit "caught up"!!!


Charlene said...

Love all these pictures Grace! Thanks for taking time to share them. Glad you are "back" for an update! Love you!

Caleb and Kirsten said...

Love this newsy post and all the photos!

Raising Saints said...

Yay Grace! You all look so wonderful! Thanks for updating .. can't wait to hear baby news!