Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Birth Plan 6.0

        It's so, so unbelievable to me that I'm here facing a birth plan again!!!  This baby is such a huge answer to prayer and every day that brings us closer and closer to meeting this precious miracle just humbles me and makes me giddy! 

          This probably sounds silly to a lot of you, but is feels like it's been a long time since I've done this!  I told David just the other day, "I hope I remember what to do!  I feel like I need a class or something!"  Thankfully his confidence in me is much more substantial than mine is.

          Starting with what is not changing this time around.  We are heading back to the same hospital that I've been at with each of my babies and with the same midwife clinic.  This combo has been such a great, great fit for us. 

          We are praying again for another natural birth.  As previously stated, I'm no great lover of pain, but the birth experience is something I wouldn't trade and honestly, I think I'm more afraid of a giant needle in my back and half of my body being numb than the pain!  So far I'm at three births with Pitocin, two births without.  I'd love, love, love to have another without.  I've never doubted that it has only been given when it was needed, but Pitocin is NO FUN!!! 

          David is my rock during labor and delivery.  To be honest, birthing times have had their highs and lows on our relationship.  He is not an emotional, softy kind of guy and he has learned soooooo much as the years have gone on.   He's a superstar now and has a master's degree on how I need to be supported during this time.

             Now onto what will be different this time.  For Ella's birth my sister Mary joined us which was a wonderful experience.  For all the other births we've loved it just being the two of us.  This time we spent a lot of time praying about the possibility of inviting others to join in this birth or just to keep it to ourselves again.  We had great peace about inviting a few new members to our birthing team this time!

            Rachel is my second sister and one of my best, best friends.  She is a rock star auntie and has one of the most beautiful, sincere hearts for Jesus that I've ever seen.  I'm so excited to share this time with her!!! 

           The next decision took a lot of prayer and a lot of wisdom.  We decided to invite.....

          Our sweet oldest girlies, Lydia and Bethany!  I'm so, so, so excited to have them be a part of this.  These girls have been such an encouragement and support for me during this pregnancy.  Their unending willingness to help and serve me every single day just brings me to tears at times.  They've prepped, asked a million questions and are ready to go!  I can't wait to share this time with them!
          As always, I'm so grateful that our plans are not the Lord's plans and that He is an all knowing, all powerful God!!!
         Only 18 days until due date!!!!!!!!!  I'm sooooooo ready to meet this little person. 


Charlene said...

Oh, loved reading this! Getting so close Grace. I know you will do great and your fabulous team will be there to support you!

Anonymous said...

So incredibly excited to meet our newest grandbaby. We love you!!