Monday, September 22, 2014

Double Blessings

            I've never been shy about how much I adore every single one of my sister-in-laws.  They truly are sisters to me and each one is so, so dear to my heart.

             My very first sister-in-law is Laura and my relationship with her has blessed me more than I can ever say.  She's become one of my closest friends.  We both knew each other's hearts to be blessed with another baby and spent a long time praying for that very thing.  We were overjoyed to find out within a week of each other that we were expecting.  We were even more thrilled to find out we were due only one day apart!!!

             It has been more fun than I can say to go through this pregnancy with Laura!  We are both going to the same midwife clinic and are planning on delivering at the same hospital.  We've lined up our appointments together so it's so much fun to carpool together.  The best part has been having someone who never grows tired of talking about the ups, the downs, the hopes, the fears without end.  To have someone right where you are is loads of fun!

          I can't believe how close we are now!!!  Laura is due in four days and I'm due in five.  It's unbelievable to me how close we are to having these babies in our arms.  I can't wait to watch these precious little ones grow up together.  I will always look back on this pregnancy with so much fondness.  What a blessing it has been!


Raising Saints said...

Checking in Grace .. are you holding your little one yet?!! So excited for you!!

Cheymelah said...

Grace eking mentioned you had your baby! Congrats!!! Can't wait to read all about your new blessing! Miss you on momys!