Tuesday, September 15, 2009

King Family Update~ Part 3

Bethany is also rapidly growing up. Because both of her sisters have spring birthdays, she feels like she has been waiting forever for her birthday to come! It's still a little ways away ( November), but I know that her third birthday will be here before we know it! She is our little bundle of energy and has a personality that is absolutely irresistible.

She has really started to be a great little helper, whether it's folding and putting away laundry, putting dishes away or setting the table. She loves keeping up with her older sister and also pretending to be "Mommy" to Havilah.
Bethany desperately wants to do school along with Lydia, but thus far can still not identify an "I" or tell you what it says, even though we've spent two weeks on it! We are having fun though, patiently trying to work with her and find activities that she can participate in.

Bethany is my one partner is guessing that this baby is a girl. At least I'll have someone to celebrate the victory of being right with! She is such a precious and fun girl. I'm so thankful for her!

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Grace said...

Your blog and pics make me SO excited to watch my Liberty grow up! Hopefully she'll have some sisters to join her!!!