Tuesday, September 15, 2009

King Family Update~ Part 2

So next in line is our lovely Miss Lydia. Lydia is almost 4 1/2. She is my right-hand helper, my clothing advisor, my kitchen assistant, my menu planner, my mini babysitter and my willing student. She has such an optimistic attitude about life and her faith in our great and faithful God helps remind me who really is in control of our lives.

We started homeschooling "officially" a few weeks ago, and she absolutely loves it! Last week she passed a huge milestone as she read her first sentence. " Sam met Tom". She says that math is her favorite though.
She is very excited about this new baby coming and loves to dream about everything she will be able to do with it. She was convinced it was going to be a girl, but as soon as she saw it on the ultrasound she said, "That looks like a boy to me!" and hasn't gone back yet. We now have major "She/He" battles as our house is evenly divided about what we think it will be.

I am so blessed by my sweet girl. God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave her to our family as our first born!

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