Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas ( a little late!)

Well, I really can't blame the tardiness of this post on my mom. She got me the pictures about a week ago, but somehow I just haven't found the time to sit down here! Sorry if these are completely random and confusing. We actually gathered 4 times for different Christmas gatherings, so these are just a smattering of our times together.

The King family Christmas 2009

Opening presents with Boppa. Opening presents is a community event in our family. EVERYONE must be within six inches to see what is going on.

Checking out the calender with Nanna ( Great-grandma)

We are going through " The Great Toy Purge" at our home so this year we decided to invest in one nice baby doll for the girls. Something to focus on as we eliminate many unused things.

Lydia has been saying for weeks that we should name the new baby "Leah". Seeing as we just had a cousin named Talia ( pronounced Ta- leah), we've eliminated that option. She was very pleased however to bestow that name on her baby. "Leah" and "Ruth" are very loved! Havi was the recipient of a well loved hand me down doll from Lydia.

The girls weren't the only ones who got worn out!

It has been so fun having Peter join our family. The girls absolutely adore "Uncle" Peter! It's officially less than five weeks until the wedding!!!

My sisters and I on Christmas day. Anna is 14, Mary is 20 and Rachel is 16. Besides my husband, these three are my closest friends in the whole world! I love this picture. I could stare at it all day long.
We had a wonderful Christmas. What a blessed time to remember Christ's priceless gift that He freely gave to us, and how that gift makes it possible to have the love and fellowship that we enjoy every day with Him and with each other. Praise the Lord!

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Anonymous said...

I could stare at the picture of you four girls all day, too. I love each one of you SO much!!! --Mom