Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Here's the Plan...

I promised that I would try to give you all our "birth plan", so here it is!

I am still at the midwife clinic that I have gone to with all of my girls. There are four midwives that I see during the course of my pregnancy. Who ever is on call is who delivers. With my first I really didn't think I would like that, not knowing who was going to be there. In reality, I couldn't care less! As long as there are no problems with any of them ( which there aren't) I'm just glad for someone to be there! They deliver at a hospital somewhat nearby.

I feel a little guilty admitting it, but I am one of those strange people who actually likes having my baby in the hospital. Around these parts I get some pretty funny looks when I say that, but there it is! For those of you who think I'm crazy, I'll give you my reasons ( for what they're worth!) and hopefully you'll forgive me!

It's really quite simple. A home birth has never really appealed to me. I'm not one who thinks it would be fabulous to give birth in my own bed. Not even remotely fabulous.

When my mommy had me she hemorrhaged quite badly, something that would have been life threatening if she hadn't been where she was. This is not a fear issue, but a security one. It brings me a lot of peace knowing that everything is right there if I should need anything.

I have never had one negative experience with any of my nurses, midwives, or doctors. I have always felt completely in control of the decisions being made.

For those of you who home birth, I greatly admire you! David and I both feel that we are right where we should be at this time.

I always joke that my times in the hospital are my vacations. There is a lot of truth in that though! These are some of my very favorite times. I lay in bed with my sweet new baby, holding smelling, kissing to my heart's content. My husband is with me the whole time without anything calling him elsewhere. My girls come and spend loads of time snuggling their new baby, delighting over the new miracle, smooching Mommy and Daddy, then going home with Grandma and Boppa so Mommy can rest completely. Family and friends come and go, bringing love, blessings and chocolate!!! People are all around ready to wait on me hand and foot. They even give massages here! Oh, and the food is fabulous, free and brought to my bed!

Coming to meet Havilah!

Our hospital is FABULOUS about family and friends. I think 13 is the record of how many guests we've had in the room at one time. Once again, I love it! If you're nearby, drop in for a visit!

For those of you who like the nitty-gritties, I'm planning on having a natural birth. The Lord has graciously allowed me to have three so far. Believe me, I'm no "pain lover", but the birthing experience is so amazing to me that I really don't want to miss one bit of it! The first two needed pitocin due to the length of the labors. I kind of figured that was just normal. I was amazed at how "easy" a pitocin free birth was with Havilah. I would love prayers for another pit. free birth!

The biggest "new" thing about this birth is going to be the presence of my sister Mary. David has always been the only one present for the birth, and I was quite sure that was how I would always want things. God has a funny way of changing the way we think though ( this is why I won't say that I would never want a home birth!). For some reason, very early on in this pregnancy I began to really want to have Mary there. Not really for "my needs", but I really felt a desire to share this experience with her. As it gets closer and closer, I get more and more excited! We are so close that I really can't see it being anything but a blessing!

For those of you who might not remember, we don't know what we are having. The reason, I LOVE the surprise. Those are some of the most precious moments in my entire life, as I find out for the first time who this little one is.

I think it's so interesting how God made us all so unique, with different likes, tastes and preferences. One is not "better" or "worse" than another. This time is so precious and amazing.

Thank you to those who are keeping me in prayer. The Lord has always thoroughly protected me from fear, and I am full of joy and anticipation as I look forward to this new life. I'm soooo excited!!!


Karen said...

Grace, I know I don't always comment on your blog, but I enjoy reading it regularly and am really excited for you as the day draws near! :)

Aly sun said...

I love hearing birth stories. And pre birth stories. Praying for an "easy" birth experience the 4th around.

Sonja said...

Thanks for sharing with us Grace :-) I am so excited for your family as you await the arrival of your new baby!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great plan!

RachelD said...

I very much like your plan. :) Praying for you!

Martha A. said...

I hope it goes as planned.....I am one of those people who are so scared of the doctors that I would be a horrible candidate for a hospital birth....I am not scared of them unless I am the patient!!!

Raising Saints said...

I like your plan! ;)

In fact, I have been talking for months about looking forward to my upcoming mini-vacation at the hospital! I cannot wait for the little break! ;)

Ginger said...

I live in a city where natural birth and hospital cannot coexist in the same sentence. It's wonderfully refreshing to hear a positive spin on a hospital birth.