Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Great New Year!

We have had a wonderful start to our new year! While we are incredibly blessed to live within five minutes of both of our amazing families, it sometimes is a struggle during times like Christmas when you would love to be everywhere at the same time! This year however, Jonathan and Laura decided that they would stay home ( Southern Oregon) for Christmas and come and spend New Year's here. It has been wonderful for us as we were able to have a much more relaxed Christmas and a fantastic New Year's!

Jonathan, Laura and Talia have spent the week with us, which is about the best time any of us could imagine! Jonathan and David are as close as can be, Laura truly feels like another sister and of course, Talia is a big hit around here!

(Bethany played all day with her nativity set from Uncle Jonathan and Auntie Laura)
Yesterday we went up to Boppa and Grammy King's house to have our King family Christmas. Plus it was Uncle Andrew's birthday so we got a double celebration in!

Blowing out birthday candles with Uncle Andrew! Bethany wasn't feeling very great, but she was Andrew's buddy all evening. What a great uncle!

( Youngest to oldest: Matthew, Peter, Timothy, Andrew, Isaac, Benjamin, David and Jonathan)
We actually took the time to get some brother and family shots this year which is something we NEVER do! Look at these great guys! All of them love the Lord and are serving Him with all their hearts. And talk about fun!!!

Of course they needed a shortest to tallest shot too! They wanted a muscle shot, but never got around to it!
What a blessing it is to be a part of such a wonderful family. I was talking to my mother-in-law right before this and she was saying how blown away she is by God's goodness and faithfulness. She originally didn't want any children!


Jennifer said...

I love the shots of all the brothers! How neat is that!

Aly sun said...

I enjoyed those family pictures! Amazing. What energy your mother in law must have had to keep up with all those boys. You have a blessed family for sure.

Ruthie said...

Great picture of all the boys! I was really hoping to come visit over the holidays and just couldn't get it together... Perhaps the whole family will be able to visit together around Easter!

amandavital said...

I knew you must be Kathy's daughter in law when i was listening to my OCEAN conference CD these past few days you said you married a man who has 7 brothers and grew up in falls city. She is an AMAZING woman, I look up to her so so much. You are so blessed Grace to have her :)