Monday, February 15, 2010

One of the most beautiful days ever!!!

Last Saturday was one of the most beautiful days I could have ever imagined. My dear sister Mary was married to Peter Domes in our home church, surrounded by hundreds of people who dearly loved them both. Everything went perfectly. It was a fairly large wedding with three groomsmen, eight bridesmaids, two candle lighters, one ring bearer, one Bible bearer and four flower girls. There were many details, but with many loving and willing hands and my incredibly capable mother overseeing them all, it all went smoothly.

While the ceremony and decorations were polished and impressive, that was far from the most beautiful thing about the day. Even the tender, precious, committed love that the couple had for each other took a back seat to what they wanted to have the center stage. The Lord Jesus Christ. Can anything ever compare to His beauty and the beauty of what He brings together? In all that went on that day, Jesus got the glory. It truly was beautiful!

It was so much fun having five of us involved in the wedding (Ella was just a little too small!)

Mary was the most beautiful of brides. Her beauty comes from her heart and shines throughout her whole being!

My sweet sisters and I

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Domes
Never could I have imagined a more perfect man for my sister. I know that he will take such good care of her. This couple is such an amazing example of loving and trusting the Lord with absolute devotion and obedience. If you have the chance to know them, you will be blessed!

Peter is a farmer and so the tractor was their getaway vehicle! It was too cute!
God is so good. Peter and Mary were many times told that their standards were "too high". What a testimony of how capable God is of giving His children the desires of their heart as they delight in Him!


Charlene said...

It was an absolutely wonderful wedding! God has truly blessed them both! Thanks for writing this.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for the pictures! I had heard it was a beautiful wedding, but now I see it too!

Trinity said...

It was beautiful! They are just so precious! :D