Friday, October 15, 2010

Scheduling Our Days~ Part Eight

6:00~ Wake up , morning routine
6:30~ Exercise/shower
6:45~ Girls wake up, make beds, get dressed, get hair done
7:00~ Breakfast
7:30~ Morning Chores
8:00~ Prayer and Bible time
9:00~ School
10:30~ Break and snack
11:00~ Finish school

11:30~ Weekly chores!

Remember how I said I divided all of our household chores into daily, weekly and monthly categories?  The daily chores are our morning chores.  The weekly chores fit into this slot right here!

I have two that I do daily~

Monday~ Clean refrigerator and clean microwave
Tuesday~ Clean oven and hood, wipe off garbage can
Wednesday~ Pick up pantry floor, mop
Thursday~ Organize TV stand, clean bathroom mirror
Friday~ Dust bedroom, Vacuum upstairs
Saturday~ Organize school shelves

I know for me, some of these jobs have always seemed a bit overwhelming and if you had told me that I would be doing two of them in a half hour, I would have laughed at you.  I'm amazed to see how easy they are when they are done every week!  It makes a HUGE difference!

The big girls each have one weekly chore that they are responsible for each day.  Then they switch every other week.

One week it would go like this~

Monday~ Lydia~ Sweep and clean off hearth.  Bethany~ Dust with rag and spray.
Tuesday~ Lydia~ Organize diaper corner.  Bethany~ Clean out couch.
Wednesday~ Lydia~ Straighten shoe shelf by the back door.  Bethany~ Organize shoe cupboard.
Thursday~ Lydia~ Take out bathroom garbage and replace bag.  Bethany~ Clean toilet.
Friday~ Lydia~ Dust girl's room.  Bethany~ Strip sheets from bed (every other week girl sheets/ our sheets).
Saturday~ Lydia~ Pick up clothes room floor.  Bethany~ Straighten clothes shelf.

Then they would switch the next week.  This really, truly takes us half of an hour!  It is amazing to watch how easy these jobs are when they are done consistently! 


Angie said...

I have done the same thing in the past and I love it.! I am loving reading your schedule.I LOVE looking at others schedules!! I have ours pretty much tweaked but still need to finish a few parts.I completely enjoy it!! Anyhow,looking forward to part 9! :):)

Gretchen said...

Grace, you're giving me hope that perhaps I could keep more on top of everything if I only had a daily chore list for myself that I rotated each week. :) Thank you!