Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scheduling Our Days~ Part Seven

6:00~  Wake up! , morning routine
6:30~  Exercise, shower
6:45~  Girls wake up, make beds, get dressed, have hair done
7:00~  Breakfast
7:30~  Morning Chores
8:00~  Prayer and Bible time

9:00~ School!

School has been such a blast this year!  One of the greatest things about being a second generation home schooler is the fact that I've been able to see first hand the books and programs that really work, and those that don't.  Obviously this is different for each parent and student!  I will be sharing the specifics of what we do, but it is a bit of a mish mash!

Our schooling philosophy is a little different than most.  We are not too concerned with work pertaining to "grade levels".  In other words, Lydia doesn't have  kindergarten math, kindergarten reading, kindergarten spelling, kindergarten language, kindergarten handwriting, kindergarten history, kindergarten science, kindergarten health, and a kindergarten art program.  For one thing, I believe kids learn at many different speeds in many different areas and also that they are capable of learning more in depth about certain areas if you focus on certain things at a time.  That's why you'll see many different grade levels represented in our books!

First off, I do reading with Lydia while Bethany works in her maze book and Havilah has blanket time .

 Bethany is assigned 4-5 mazes.

After a very slow start, Lydia has begun to cruise in reading!  It is so exciting for her to see the progress!

After about 10 min. we switch.  I do reading with Bethany while Lydia works on Language. 

( A Beka Language 1)

She has really enjoyed this language book, although it does progress very quickly!

Bethany LOVES reading!  

Next We go back to the table where Bethany does her Rod and Staff "Counting with numbers" book and Lydia finishes up language and does her handwriting.

We have loved these books for the very beginners!

It starts very simple yet moves at a manageable pace.

For handwriting, I really like the Reason for Writing books.  I didn't like the kindergarten one, but the other grades are lots of fun!

I don't make her write every letter on every page.  If she is proving that she is working diligently and is doing a good job, I let her leave off a line or so!

At 9:45, Bethany and Havilah get to go upstairs and watch Signing Time. 

During that time Lydia and I work on Math. Right now she is in A Beka's Arithmetic 2.  It also progresses VERY fast (welcome to A Beka!).  Once again, most of the time she isn't required to do every problem on every page.  School is about learning, and we are the ones who can tell if that is happening!

After math, Lydia practices her piano.

Around now, this little monkey is waking up from her first nap and the other girls are finishing their movie.  

We spend a VERY short time reading some history.  I LOVE history, but we aren't spending too much time in it these days.  We will someday!  Right now we simply read a small portion out of this book which highlights major historical figures in American history.

At 10:30 they have a half hour break with some sort of snack (Pretzels, apples, tomato slices with sugar. Something like that!)

At 11:00 were back to finish up school!

Our geography consists of two place mats.  Very high tech!

The girls at this time are working on continents, oceans and states.

For science we are S L O W L Y working through "Exploring Creation with Zoology 1~ Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day".  I LOVE THIS BOOK!  It is slightly beyond my girls at this point, but we are baby stepping through it and gleaning what we can. Right now we are studying birds and are learning all about lift and drag, complete with fun experiments!

We end school at 11:30.  I realize that this is really a state of bliss as far as home schooling goes!  I'm sure it will be a completely different story when I have eight children in school at one time!

Sorry if this was a little long and tedious!  Just thought I'd lay it all out there!  Any questions?


Season said...

Can you tell more about what Havilah is doing exactly after signing time? The second half of the morning school time is not going so well with the toddlers around here.

Angie said...

I am loving reading this GRace! You have motivated me to go over our schedule and have it done by Monday! I LOVE scheduling!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

You are so motivating and encouraging! Thank you for sharing your schedule...it has been a true blessing.