Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lovin' February!

It's very true.  I have favorites.  Favorite seasons, favorite foods, favorite songs, favorite flowers.  Definitely favorite months.  Many, MANY that I love.  In fact I get excited about almost all of them.  But my favorites are without a doubt February, June and December (with maybe a late September thrown in!).

I have my reasons for all of them.  February is very simple.  I'm sentimental and I'm a hopeless romantic!

All my life I was enchanted by Valentine's Day.  I know!  How obviously soppy.  But it's true.  By the time I had my own valentine, I knew this would always be a special time for us.  Not a time for expectations, but a time to rejoice in the love God has poured into our life.

February was also birthday month for my family growing up. My sister, my dad and I all have birthdays within ten days of each other (now a father-in-law too!).  Birthdays are another thing I'm very sentimental about!  To me, they are simply fabulous!  Even the thought of a rather big one coming up can't detour my excitement!

(My 10th birthday party, Grace's Gorgeous Green Gala.  I'm the one with the subtle green face.  All others shall remain nameless for privacy!)

So if you run into me these days and I seem a little unnecessarily buoyant, remember it's February! Hooray!!!


KT Barnes said...

oh my goodness! i can recognize charlene bull and i think that's jessica canaga too?

Charlene said...

Good job Katie. That's me! And Jessica also. That was a long time ago!

Cathy said...

Just dropping in from MOMYs because your girls are so cute in your siggy, thought I'd check out your blog.

Feb is my family's birthday month too--my dad today! and me on Valentines day. :)

Anonymous said...

There's me...the giant on the far left with green cat whiskers! That was such a fun birthday party, Grace! You guys always had the most creative ideas. :-) I'm so glad we've been friends so long. It's such a blessing having those childhood memories to look back on and laugh at. ~Theresa Arnold