Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where I've Been and "The Wonder Roast'!

Where have I been?  Quite honestly, I've just been living life!  The girls and I have been rolling with school and we are all reaping the benefits of an even more modified schedule (more on that to come later!).  Life these days has just been fun.  It feels great getting things done regularly, touching areas of the house that seemed untouchable and watching my girls learning at an alarming rate.

On top of just "good old life", we had a wonderful visit from Jonathan, Laura and our sweet niece Talia last weekend.  It was spectacular.  Laura is one of my dearest friends (not to mention a fabulous sister),  David would rather spend time with Jonathan than almost anyone and of course we eat up every moment we have with Talia. 

The babies had so much fun together.  Talia is only 2 1/2 months older than Ella and they adored each other!

David and Jonathan made good use of their time and built me a fence on our front yard.

I'm so excited!!!  I have visions of flowers all over my front yard this summer.  Of course I also have visions of our resident deer moving to another state.  I'm afraid that one is as likely as the other.  I can still hope though!

Our days have felt full, mostly productive and sometimes just a little crazy.  It was on one of the crazy feeling ones that I remembered one of my favorite "so yummy I can't believe it's this easy" meals.  I call it "THE WONDER ROAST".

I learned about this roast from a Home and Garden Party rep who fully convinced me that my life would never be the same without the marvelous bean pot and the recipe for this roast.  I have to admit.  My life is pretty much the same.  That being said, I do enjoy my bean pot and I LOVE this recipe!

Now get out your pad of paper and take careful notes as I give you the ingredients for this secret recipe.

One roast.  Any kind.  Mine is usually 2-4 pounds (I think).

One can of Cream of Chicken Soup.  Actually it calls for Cream of Mushroom, but I'm a mushroom hater so I substitute all recipes with chicken.

8 oz. Coca-Cola.  The real stuff. Not diet.

And that's it.  Coke, can of soup, roast.  Mix the soup and Coke together.  It looks very yucky and doesn't smell very appetizing, but just give it  a chance!  Pour over your roast which is sitting comfortably in your bean pot or if by some random chance you haven't acquired one yet, a regular crock pot.

If you have a bean pot (or equivalent) place in the oven on 350 for 4-5 hours.  If you're using the crock pot, turn it on low all day or high for the afternoon.  Either method works the same. 

Let me tell you, this stuff is good.  I'm drooling now.  It is the tenderest roast I have ever eaten.  Cut it with a fork, chew it with ease and best of all, have it take five minutes to prepare!  Mmmmm! 

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Anonymous said...

Ahahaa...the Bean Pot Roast! :-) Yes! I am guilty to say even though I was a H&G Party Rep for a while I think I only made that recipe once. I am now inspired and motivated to dust off my poor neglected Bean Pot that has been pushed to the outer most part of my cupboard and try this recipe out again. Thanks for bringing back fun memories Grace! I'm glad to see someone uses the recipe! I have to also admit that Crock Pots have blown the Bean Pot out of the water, especially for me who works out of the home all day. Can't quite leave my oven on all day while I'm gone. Keep the recipes, tips and good memories coming Grace! Love ya~ Theresa Arnold