Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Bible Time

Bible time is very simple here for us.  We all gather around the wood stove, read a psalm, each pray for our day and work on our new verse.  We add a new verse each week.

It has been so refreshing to get back into our verses!  After being so slack about reviewing for awhile, we are reviewing several past verses as well as delving into some brand new ones.

We are still using our chart system, although we started fresh ones and Havilah has her own now!  Here are my sweeties sharing some of their favorites.

After this, we move to the table where I read a chapter from where we are in the Bible.  Tomorrow we are starting in Job which I'm excited about.  The girls then draw their own picture of what was just read.  Not only does this reinforce their listening skills it also throws in some art!

There are many days where it seems easier to just jump into school and "get to Bible later", but it never pays off.  Beginning our days in the Word, listening to it and hiding it our hearts is priceless!


Angie said...

You tell those girls that THAT was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO precious and wonderful!

I just LOVE your girls Grace.There is something about them that is just unbelievably DARLING and just SWEET! Ella is so funny and I love how you can just TELL that her big sisters are crazy about her!!!

Ginger said...

So how do you learn your verses? Do you erase words off the board one at a time or do games with it or just recite it repeatedly? I wanna know your methods.
I've heard about using a dry erase board to learn memory verses, but we haven't tried that way yet. I'm interested.

Hannah Moorman said...

Adorable video!!! Havilah looks so grown up!!!! So very precious!