Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Again!

Oh, what a week it has been!  As most of you know, David and I have been involved in our church youth group since 1999, going straight from participants to leadership.  One of (or "THE" depending on who you ask!) the highlights of the year is our Winter Retreat.  We head up to Big Lake where there is anything from two to fifteen feet of snow.  Usually around eight or nine.  For those of us who get ecstatic about an inch of snow, this feels like a whole different world!  Nothing can describe the beauty!

Last year was my first year to miss the retreat (Ella was born four days before) making this my eleventh year to go. 
(David and I in 2005)

However ever since I've had babies,  I've brought my babies.

(Sweet Bethany in 2008)

As this year approached, my husband gently started nudging me towards leaving all my girls home with grandparents.  Talk about one of the most emotional times of my life!  No joke!  The girls have stayed many times with grandparents and were thrilled about the idea, it was just this poor mommy that didn't think she could handle it.  With the Lord's help a peace slowly and firmly took hold of me so the night before the retreat we finally decided to leave even my Ella Joy home. 

It turned out to such a blessed time.  Did I miss my girls every minute of every day?  Pretty much yes.  Did I feel at peace.  Absolutely yes.  I really can't explain it! 

Our speaker for the last five years has been Eli Stewart, an amazing friend and man of God who flies in from Texas.  We are so blessed by him every year and how the Lord works through him.  There were so may great points he talked on, and I'm sure that I will get to a few of them in the days to come.  For now I am whole-heartedly enjoying being home with my family and appreciating that precious time of drawing close to the Lord!

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