Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Day

Ahhhh.  It's a brand new day.  I really can't describe what I've been feeling lately.  Truly.  I've been trying to explain it to myself and my husband for weeks now but to no avail.  It's just been strange.  Almost a lost, wandering feeling.  Not brought on by anything.  Just not resolvable.  (Am I mysterious enough for you yet?).  Unfortunately, it has also affected my blogging (if you couldn't tell).  For weeks I've just come up empty.  What do I write about?  Hmmmmmm.

This morning though I truly woke up different.  I'm ready to tackle life again!  I'm ready to try and blog again!  I'm ready to be ready for those bad days and just be grateful for a heavenly Father who sees me through.

So anyway, here I am again!  And to start out my return to blogging, I thought I would fill you in on our "new" schedule.  I know I took up much of your precious time last fall with agonizing details, but I never really finished and now that we have tweaked it to suit our needs even better, I thought I would give you at least a brief run through!  So here it goes in one fateful blow!

6:00~  Mommy wakes up, makes bed, exercises, showers, time with the Lord, gets dressed, does hair and make-up.
7:00~  Breakfast helper wakes up to get a head start on their morning routine and then helps make and set the table for breakfast.
7:15~  All girls wake up, make beds, get dressed, get hair done.
7:30~ Breakfast
8:00~ Brush teeth, morning chores
8:30~ Bible
9:00~ School
11:00~ Weekly chores
12:00~ Lunch
12:30~ After lunch pick up
1:00~ Reading time
1:45~ Naps and quiet time
3:00~ Little Keepers at Home
3:30~ Focus work
4:30~ Afternoon clean-up
5:30~ Dinner prep
6:00~ Dinner
7:00~  Dinner clean up, evening chores
8:00~  Girls bedtime
8:00 and beyond~  Mommy and Daddy time!

Make sense? Good.

Not so fast! You know I'll be filling you in on all the grimy details in the days to come.  Remember,  I'm all fired up to be back!  There's no stopping me now!

Oh! Wait!!!  The main excitement of our past week!

This beautiful little treasure is my newest niece,  Eliana Grace.  She was born to Jonathan and Laura on March 9.  Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!  I'm just gushing!

Nothing has come close to this excitement for awhile, unless maybe it was Ella's mysterious giant lip.

Nope, not even close!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Mommy brain gets me sometimes too. Please tell me how much Eliana Grace weighed she looks soo small and perfect.
Hope all is going well with your pregnancy.

Raising Saints said...

I was wondering how much Eliana weighed as well!?! Such a tiny little sweet beautiful face .. so precious!

And whoa Ella and that lip!

Missed you Grace .. I've been feeling the same way BTW, just can't put my finger on the actual "feeling" though.

Grace said...

Eliana weighed 7'2 and was 19 inches long which is EXACTLY how big my Lydia was when she was born!

Anonymous said...

Eliana GRACE is so beautiful! (And what a lovely name!!)

Can't wait until your new little one arrives! Love, Mom

Ginger said...

What happened to Ella's lip? Looks painful!