Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I should have.....

I should have planned better for my future.

Gone to college.

Dated different guys.

Experienced being self-sufficient.

Not gotten married so young.

Worked to make more money.

Waited to have children.

Spaced my children.

Stopped having children.

And many more things.  At least this is what I'm told.  Often.  If not in blunt words, in furrowed brows or quizzical looks.  It's not always easy to feel like such an odd person.  Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to have done what I was "supposed" to do. 

But then again, if I had......

I wouldn't have been woken up this morning by my six year old who was ready to read her Bible and drink tea with me.

I wouldn't be able to kiss my husband knowing he's the only man I've ever kissed, held hands with or loved.

I wouldn't have laughter and total fulfillment. every. single. day.

I wouldn't have the total joy of watching my five beautiful daughters completely delighting in each other and totally adoring and being adored by their incredible daddy.

I wouldn't have been here with my four year old yesterday as she came to me with joy and said, "I'm ready to ask Jesus into my heart!".

I would never trade what I've gained for what I've lost.  My life looks like a disappointment to some.  I see it as a complete gift from the Lord. 


Katie said...

Sometimes our lives end up looking very different from what "they're supposed to look like." But isn't it so much better to enjoy and marvel at what God wanted our lives to look like?! There truly is no better place than the center of God's will…


Theresa said...

Thank you Grace... that really encouraged me today.

Staci said...

This was a real blessing to read! It's hard to continue trusting sometimes when we face hard things. But our God is always faithful and we simply close our eyes and walk forward. Thanks Grace!

Anonymous said...

I heard you speak last year at the homeschool conference and I was in awe of what you've accomplished for the glory of God. I chuckled when I saw that list. Because I wish I: didn't worry so much about the future; didn't date at all; sought dependence on God not dependence on self; married younger; didn't work so hard for money; didn't wait to have children; didn't worry about spacing; and didn't stop having children!! God bless you!!

Raising Saints said...

Your missing two people on that family tree! ;)

I love reading your posts Grace and sometimes I feel like I could just copy and paste onto my blog!

Terri said...


Ginger said...

I did all that. I wish I could rewind and do it the way you did. :D We're encouraging our kids to marry young and have kids right away.

Jean Wright said...

Theresa gets this a lot, too! God has different plans for different people! Obviously, this is His plan for you and it is GOOD! I love your blog, Grace!

Robert Dow said...

Appreciate your comments, and that you follow God's leading in your lives! God bless you!