Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Chance!

I wasn't going to say anything, BUT I JUST HAVE TO!!!!  Today is the last day to take advantage of our introductory prices on our babynotes products.  I had to make sure you knew because suddenly I can't imagine my life without these products and this is such a great chance to try them out at a great discount. 

If you're just not sure what to try, these are my recommendations! 

The swaddlers. I use mine every single day.  My life before these swaddlers was very bleak.  No blanket I owned was the correct size and so my days were filled with constant re-tucking.  Now, pure bliss.  It is big enough without being ridiculously bulky.  I use the flannel, single cotton and double layer cotton and they all work fabulously!  Now, they start as low as $8!!!

These reusable nursing pads are made with hemp and bamboo for an ultra absorbent, ULTRA comfortable use.  They last me all night long!  Now~ $3.50 a pair (Flannel is $2.50!)

Last but not least, our babynotes gift set is the perfect place to start to try out some all natural yet wonderfully practical products on your baby, or as a lovely gift.  We use our organic baby powder every changing, every day.  Ella has struggled with rashes all her life and this helps her better than anything else we've tried.  The salve is wonderful as well and it's gel like consistency goes on smoothly and easily.  The bath tea is fabulously luxurious as well as completely organic.  The terry cloth bag that comes with the set is the perfect way to give baby a gentle and cleansing bath. 

The set is on sale now for~ $7.50 or you can buy the products individually.

Okay, I'm done.  Those are my personal favorites, although something else may catch your eye.   I hope you see this in time to catch these great prices! 

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