Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Good Problem

I ran into a problem yesterday that literally left me in tears.  Happy tears.  My friend Alysun came by to drop off the photos she had taken soon after Esther was born.  (If you are local and want beautiful pictures for an amazing price, check out Alysun at )  I figured that since I had new pictures I should update my blog pictures and descriptions since it still said David and I had been married for five years and Ella was a newborn. 

Here was my trouble.  As I tried to think of what to write about my girls, it went something like this~

"Lydia is the most wonderful girl I could ever imagine.  She is the sunshine of our home."  "Bethany is also the most wonderful girl I could ever imagine.  Come to think of it, so is Havilah.  And of course Ella Joy.  Esther?  Yeah, most wonderful baby I could EVER imagine.  And sunshine?  When I think of sunshine I think of Havi.  And Esther.  And Bethany.  And obviously Ella Joy." 

You see my dilemma?  If there was too much of a good thing, I would have it.  There are times that I simply can't believe how abundantly blessed I am.  Times that I feel like I can truly grasp just a glimpse of how good God is.  The tears just come. 

My girls are incredibly individual and unique.  So much that it blows me away.  But they are all so amazing I can't even begin to describe it. 

Sometimes I feel like there is no way to truly convince people that we are NOT disappointed to have all girls.  We say it all the time but people just don't really believe it.  When I look at these faces though, I can't fathom how someone could think I would wish I had someone else instead.  I think God's plans are pretty fantastic.

Life is not as pristine as it looks in these photos.  As I'm writing this Ella came out of bed stripped of       everything.  But she came down in the arms of her big sister who was laughing hysterically at her.  Remember to really see your children today.  Enjoy them.  Not for what they do, but for who the Lord made them to be.  Be blessed!  I know I am!


Aly sun said...

To be a small part of capturing God's beauty is a blessing. It encourages me to see your family, working, loving, and being real.

Caleb and Kirsten said...

Amen, and amen! I know exactly what you mean--we have been very blessed, as well, with three children in 3 1/2 years of marriage, come January. Sometimes I cannot believe how abundantly God has blessed us--He has filled our cup and overflowed it! And the reminder to really SEE your children and love them each day is so timely and true.

Angie said...

I love your posts Grace!!!!!!! You are such a wonderful Mamma!