Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Glad to be left out!

Today's the day!!!  This morning my facebook erupted with joyful proclamations of how much this long awaited day means to so many mothers out there.  Now their lives can begin.  Freedom has arrived!

I tried to think for a moment what it would be like if I was sending my oldest two away on a school bus this morning.  I didn't try very long.

Today, I'm glad to be "missing out".  While others may be having their "day of days" I'm perfectly happy right where I am!


Anonymous said...

Me too!!!!!!!

Aly sun said...

Happy to have "no freedom" from these precious children. We in this family are all right where we need to be... At home!

Cheryl M said...

I soooo agree with you!!!!

Ginger said...

Isn't that sad?! I have considered if my kids were gone all day at school --- I'd have to clean the house all by myself! I wouldn't have anyone telling me jokes during the day or randomly running up to me for a kiss or hug. Who would help me bake the bread or bring in the mail with a super excited skip? I wouldn't get to choose who runs errands with me; I'd have to go alone. Every time!
No thanks!