Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heart For Home Thursday~ My Favorite........ Way To Pack!

 Well, since today is full of packing up and getting ready to head all over the place, I though I would share my favorite way to pack for a "large" family.  Our family still doesn't strike me as large, but when I realize I'm packing for six girls for four nights, it can be a little daunting. 

After too many trips of realizing that I packed seven shirts for Bethany and only two for Havilah, I knew I had to come up with a better system.  Now I use the "Bag For a Day" system  (as I call it!).

For this upcoming trip, the older girls and Esther are coming with us, while the middle girls are going to spend a fun weekend with their grandparents.  So in one plastic grocery bag (I know!  I'm so "un-green"!) I put one day's clothes for Lydia, Bethany and Esther, including socks, underwear, onesies etc..

I tie it up and label what day it is for......

Then I repeat the process for each day, making a separate bag for pajamas and one bag for "extra" clothes.  With two headed for the beach and one potty training, there were a few more extra clothes than usual.

Here they all are, ready to be packed!

All three girl's clothes fit nicely into one back pack, ready to be pulled out each day, complete with every thing needed.  The other two will have their own bag.  This makes dressing for the day on a trip sooooooo much easier.  It eliminates the last minute decision making because everyone knows what they are going to wear for the day.  I also feel better for those I'm leaving my children with as their sizes are so close to each other it can be confusing what clothes go to each girl.

Have fun packing!

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Charlene said...

sounds like a great plan. Where are you going? I hope you have lots of fun & good quality time together!