Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heart For Home Thursday~ It's Their Home Too!

Every now and then I try and do a "check up" on my family.  By "Now and then" I mean "Not as often as I would like".  My check up consists of just asking some simple questions to my girls or my husband or both.  It's important for me to remember that they live here too!  This is their home. 

Today the question was simply, "What do you love about our home?".  It was fun and interesting to hear their little minds working as coming up with things they like about it.  For example, Lydia thinks it's good that we don't have too many sweets or candy in our house, just "some".  Bethany likes how Daddy and Mommy love each other.  Havilah likes working with Mommy.
It'd easy to get into a groove and it's refreshing to look with a new perspective.  Take a little time this week to pick the brain of your family.  What needs changing?  What needs done more often?  What does your family LOVE about your home?

  (Here's a few things I love about my home!)


Anonymous said... and I love the same things about your home!!!!
Love, Mom

Dearhoneybee said...

thanks for the good reminder!