Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rejoice With Me

I started my blog in June of 2008.  Some of you have been here from the beginning.  Sometimes I cringe to think of the things I shared with you, what you might think of me or how crazy you must think I am.  But I have to say, you have always been so supportive and full of encouragement.

In light of that,  I knew that you would love to rejoice with me as this past weekend made me weep and dance with joy! 

First, there is something you may not know about me.  ( Though if you've spent too much time around me in the real world, you probably do!)  While I always had a childlike desire, when I was pregnant with Ella Joy the Lord placed a load like ten tons of bricks on my heart.  This load was called ADOPTION.

The reason I've put off this post for sooooo long, is because I could go on about it  f o r e v e r.  (If you have specific questions for me, please ask.  For now I'll try and keep this "short"!)  Just wrangle me into a conversation about adoption (which wont be too hard!) and I'll probably be weeping in no time!  But here is what made my weekend so incredible.

Two stories~ 

1. You may remember me writing last year around this time about my friend Susanna and her beautiful daughter Verity who was born with Down Syndrome.  Verity was their tenth child and I'm sure "more than they could handle" in the eyes of some.  But these people LOVE the Lord, and trust in His strength and not their own.  As a result, when they felt the Lord calling them towards a special needs adoption, they were obedient.  Beautiful Katerina in nine years old and has down syndrome, but if you get a chance, just look.  It will break you heart.  Katerina with her Mama.  Susanna has gone to see her, and their family has been waiting and waiting to bring her home.

2.  One day as I was reading Susanna's blog, she directed us to which lists children with special needs who are up for adoption.  I was looking through the children, praying, when a little girl's face stopped me in my tracks.  It made me weep instantly.  She looked like my baby.  Not only did she look like my baby and have the same pajamas, her birthday was only two months apart from her's.  Her name was Elvira.  That was one of the toughest weeks of my life.  I cried morning, noon and night.  I just wanted her in my arms.  I wanted to wipe those tears from her eyes.  Every time I looked at my Ella, I felt like she was missing a twin.  As time passed however, it became unmistakeably clear that the answer was a resounding NO.  My heart slowly began to change to longing for God to bring Elvira's right mommy to her SOON!

All of my girls and I prayed for Katie and Elvira. every. single. prayer time. 

Then came Saturday.  I hadn't really been on the computer much for awhile, so first I decided to check up on Susanna and Katie.  The first thing I saw when I arrived at her blog were the words,  "She is not  an orphan, she is our daughter."  Their adoption is finalized and they are picking her up the middle of next month.

After clearing those tears, I decided to check up on Elvira on the waiting children's list.  I couldn't find her.  My heart leapt as I searched frantically and then I burst into tears again when I found her here;  Elvira for the Ochs Family.

My heart is simply overflowing with joy and praise to the Lord!  Thank you for rejoicing with me and please continue to keep these families and these precious little girls in your prayers!

John 14:18~ "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."

Susanna's Blog
Elvira's Family's Blog


Hannah Moorman said...

Wow, Grace! Elvira really DOES look a lot like Ella. I can see how your heart would have been stirred!!! I know that we share a heart for adoption and have talked about it before. I know that God's plan for both of our lives will keep unfolding in His timing. :=) (In fact, some friends of mine with three biological children just returned from Uganda with two beautiful babies who will now know the love and joy of parents and siblings!!!) Thank you for these posts - I rejoice with you that God has placed these beautiful children in forever families.

Abbie said...

Thanks for sharing that, Grace! I had a similar experience with "my twins" in Uganda. I started to REALLY, REALLY want them to have a home, mostly, to be in MY home (but didn't want to adopt since I'm living with my parents, single, etc.) I began to pray that if I couldn't have them, and if they couldn't go back to their daddy, that a Christian family could take them. Not too long after that, I found out they are back with their daddy and brother, the best place for them!

Ginger said...

Just catching up on your blog. Just so you know, little Elvira will be living just 30 min from me. So if you ever want to visit her. . .
{batting my eyelashes}

Also wanted to make sure you noticed that the Och family is in country right now. Keep following their blog-- this is when it gets exciting!

Marj said...

Grace, I just realized you blogged about our sweet Ella (Elvira) and our family! Can't believe I didn't see this before. We should have a court date in the next few weeks. Please pray it is soon! Is it ok if I share your post on my blog?