Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby #1

Remember how I said I had four neices or nephews due this year?  Well, the first one was born!!!  She sneaked in three weeks early and took the place of first arrival even though she was supposed to be second!  Sweet Tirzah Marie was born to David's brother Jonathan and his wife, Laura.

We were abundantly blessed to get to see them only a week after she was born as they haeded through our part of the woods on their way south for the summer.

She is gorgeous.  Absolutely stunning.  They graciously allowed me to take some photos of her which thrilled me to no end.  I've never taken newborn pictures before and it was so much fun!!!

We love you Baby Tirzah!!!

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Aly sun said...

What a beautiful baby girl. She's lovely and so are your images. I put myself out of a job when you attended my photography class, that's for sure. You are taking such great pictures now. I'm very impressed and happy you can capture your own priceless memories.