Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Update

So I wrote awhile back about how I had joined Pinterest.  Well, I have actually tried some of the never ending wonderful ideas I found on there and I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

For Ella's two year old birthday I made the Rainbow cake.  My girls and I loved making this one and the surprise when it was cut into.

Then of course we tried the tie-dye cake which was even better because I had gotten some of the gel food coloring which is out of this world bright!

For the party for my sister, my dad and I, I tried some different cupcake ideas.  Blueberry,  German Chocolate, and Red Velvet Cheesecake.  (The Red Velvet were the BEST!!!)

I haven't taken any of my own picture (probably because we eat them so fast!!!) but another favorite have been these pretzels.  We've made them over and over and over.  Sooooooo good!
Pinned Image

We've also tried different craft projects, like these homemade water color paints.

and these photo boards.  I love having these pictures hanging in our hallway.  Makes me so happy!

And Pinterest actually got me sewing on my own for the first time in seven years!  I've made little projects for each of the girls like this jumper and her head band.

And now that I got my ears pierced, I was in need of a place to keep my slow growing stash of earrings.  With an empty frame, a bit of lace and some super glue,  I'm loving my new earring holder!

I wouldn't say I'm addicted.  Not by a long stretch.  But I have enjoyed the inspiration and can't wait for the next great ideas to come my way!


Amanda said...

I love this! Please link the recipes--I must try the red velvet cupcakes and pretzels!

Anonymous said...

The lace earring hanger idea is wonderful! My sis Hannah should see that. She does a similar idea using wire and a picture frame but the lace idea looks like it would hold the earrings better and looks more elegant and decorative. I love that you are finding and applying these great ideas. Keep it up! ~Theresa A.