Saturday, June 9, 2012

Love~ The Best Work In the World

Last Tuesday was our eighth wedding anniversary. 

It was perfect.

Nothing too exciting.....  Grandparents had the girls spend the night at their house.  We went to the movies (and they let us in for free!) then stopped by the grocery store and went home and made dinner together.  It couldn't have been any more wonderful.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I am truly married to my best friend. There is no one I would rather have by my side doing anything in the world than him. When I am lonely, he is the one I long to talk to. He makes me smile, he knows all of my quirks and inside jokes. We find joy in each other's interests and love to hear whatever the other one is thinking.  We bare our souls to each other.

(Our engagement photo ~ 17 and 20 years old!)

He is also my lover. He makes my heart skip a beat. In my eyes he really is the strongest, smartest, most handsome man alive. I wake up every morning madly in love with him. He gives me butterflies in my stomach.

(Our wedding day 6/5/04~ 18 and 20 years old)

Most importantly, he loves me sacrificially, and I strive to do the same.  He loves me through the bad times.  When there seems to be no end to the tears.  When I'm grumpy and sullen.  When I'm cold and uncaring.  When I act or speak foolishly.  When I'm sick and unable to serve him.  He faithfully loves me with real Christ-like love.

( 7 months pregnant~ 19 and 21 years old)

Sometimes I feel like I say over and over how much I love my husband.  But the truth is, I could never say it enough.  He is my hero, my lover, my protector, my playmate, my leader, my supporter, my confidant, my heart throb, my inspiration, my best friend. 

But this did not just happen.  I think many people in this world are just waiting for "real love" to strike them.  I cringe when I read people writing about what "love is" when by watching their lives it is obvious that they really have no idea what love is. 

Love is a choice.  Love is work.  But is the most beautiful, worthwhile, rewarding work in the world!  I so look forward to many years of learning to love each other better.

On our wedding day, a friend told me " May today be the day you love each other the least." I've thought of that so many times as I think "And I thought I loved him then!".  I hope with anticipation to look back to now and say the same thing. 

God's ways are good.  And in Him are abundant joys!!!


Anonymous said...

Love this, Grace! Thanks for continuing to be an example. Glad you have a great time celebrating 8 years and looking forward to hearing about all the years to come! Love you, Theresa Arnold

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures...such fun memories in each of them. What were your parents thinking, letting you become engaged and then married SO young!?!?! Hmmm...I guess the Lord knew what He was doing....and I'm so glad we listened! May the next 8 years (and every 8 after that) bring you more joy and more love than you've ever experienced before. I love you, honey.

~Stephanie said...

Yes, yes, yes! I tell Brandon all the time, "I thought I loved you the most I ever could on our wedding day, I was wrong!!!" Our love has grown as we've grown up together. God is good!